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Student clubs exist to give participants opportunities to develop interests and skills in many different activities. Clubs increase conviviality among students and a sense of pride in AUCA. Participation in club activities can also sharpen a student’s knowledge and experience in a particular area of expertise. Active involvement demonstrates prospective employers’ commitment to extra-curricular responsibilities.

Clubs are recognized and registered through the Student Life Office.  In order to register for a new club, students must get an application form from Student Life Officer and return the completed form with the electronic version. A club can be started by a student, faculty, or staff member. Clubs may request money from the Student Senate budget.

How to Start a New Club?

In order to register a new club, you need to come and see the Student Life Officer or write an e-mail, requesting an application form for clubs. She/He will send you an application form for clubs. In this form, you need to answer the following questions and send them to the e-mail:

Club's name

  • Club’s Goals;
  • Activities of the club;
  • Projects (if any);
  • The main coordinator/leader? (Name, department, ID, phone number, and email address);
  • Name, departments, phone numbers (optional), and email addresses of the members (should be more than three);
  • How other students can become a member of your club or membership requirements.


Registered Student Clubs may request financial support from the Student Senate budget.

*Due to the online fall semester 2020 we encourage to register clubs that are able to manage activities online, other clubs will have a chance to register as soon AUCA goes offline. 

CLUBS 2021-2022


  1. ENACTUS Club
  • Create long-lasting solutions that would improve the social, economic, and ecological aspects for the local community;
  • Organize educational training, mentorship programs;
  • Develop new business models;
  • Create a community of new business leaders;
  • Have a network of the best businessman and leaders of the country.

Contacts: Aidar Barakanov


  1. Debate Community Club

The debate club is one of the biggest clubs at AUCA and one of the best debate clubs in Bishkek. 
Our goals are to improve:

  • Critical thinking
  • Public speaking
  • Communication skills

Contacts: Valeriya Tian


  1. NeoBis
  • We enhance students’ hard skills and provide real software product development experience. Within a short amount of time, students will become more professionally skilled and will be able to meet the job market’s expectations in the IT sphere.
  • Organization of masterclasses on project management, design, and coding. Each student gets a mentor for their further development

Contacts: Aigul Saparova


  1. AUCA TEDx club

“Ideas Worth Spreading”

  • Train public speaking, delivery techniques, effective presentation skills;
  • Showing and interpreting TEDx shows;
  • Organizing dialogues on international issues.

Contacts: Abdul Ali Ismailzada



  1. Anthropology Club
  • Knowledge of the history of anthropology as a discipline and knowledge of its core concepts and fundamental theories;
  • Ability to eloquently communicate their ideas verbally and in writing;
  • Ability to conduct ethnographic research, analyze field data, produce inferences and synthesize research findings;
  • Specific knowledge and skills related to the chosen field of specialization:

Contacts: Emil Nasritdinov



  1. AUCA Case Club
  • Learn solving cases by working on real business cases
  • Improve case-solving skulls by participating in international business case competitions
  • Prepare for a career in consulting in a Big Four consulting firms

Contacts: Zebojon Rasulova



  1. AUCA Accounting Club
  • Provide all students of AUCA with advice, support, and resources regarding career development and professional certification in accounting, audit, and finance spheres;
  • Organize guest lectures with trainers from different companies, HR managers, which will help students to be more prepared for the after-graduation process of employment.

Contacts: Aiana Rysbekova



  1. Econ Club
  • To educate and empower freshmen and other students taking ECON courses at AUCA in the field of economics.
  • To offer members the opportunity to explore the field of economics.
  • To compete in economics-related University competitions.
  • To prepare freshmen for Intermediate micro and macroeconomics courses through offering presentations of course materials and practice tasks.
  • To expand students’ economics abilities.
  • To bestow awards, honors, and recognitions for dedication and performance in the club.

Contacts: Dina Mamadjanova



  1. FLEX Volunteering Club
  • Promote the spirit of volunteerism and support vulnerable communities in Bishkek and suburban areas;
  • Launching an online mentoring program - engaging high school students with AUCA students.

Contacts: Aidin Turganbekov



  • Civic engagement through modern cyber art.
  • Art therapies using cyber collages.
  • Integrating with the AUCA community through the prism of humor.

Contacts: Akima Anarbekova



  1. Low-Key Introverts Club
  • Make introverted students feel accepted and empowered in AUCA

Contacts: Valeriia Radchenko



  1. AWAKE Club

An association of like-minded people who put or want to learn how to put sociology at the heart of any field of activities.

  • Development of sociological imagination through the analysis of the entertainment industry
  • Active engagement in a discussion on social issues
  • Organization of guest-lectures by invited professionals

Contacts: Aleksey Pak



  1. Basketball

Give students an opportunity to play Basketball.

  • Improve their skills.
  • Make new friends.
  • Participate in Basketball tournaments.

Contacts: Bektur Sultanov



  1. Flixtravaganza (Movie Club)

A club where students can watch movies

  • Watch movies online
  • Have discussions and analysis of watched films
  • Share interesting links about movies, facts.
  • Practice English: movies would be watched in English or with subtitles.

Contacts: Atai Moldokulov




HERMES is a leisure and creative writing club. It was inspired by dark academia aesthetic and letters live show.

  • Bring dark academia lovers together
  • Embracing the beauty of letter writing
  • Writing as a habit
  • Creating a relaxing and friendly atmosphere
  • Boosting imagination
  • Exploring different types of letters

Contacts: Aidai Taalaibek kyzy



  1. Pitch Perfect

The aim of the club is to introduce AUCA students to the history of music and develop their singing abilities through exercises, practices, and activities

Activities of the club:

  • Choir.
  • Vocal exercises.
  • Warm-ups.
  • History of music and theory.

Contacts: Sabina Seitalieva



  1. Tell me Poetry Club
  • Cultural enlightenment. A free safe community where people can reevaluate their life essentials and express their inner-world through poetry.

Contacts: Amal Idinov



  1. SEA
  • The goal of the club is to develop and support communities of engineers, researchers, and initiative young, via making technology available and helping with communication between learners and experienced developers.

Contacts:  Arthur Talkanbaev



  1. Tabletop Club
  • The tabletop club was created to develop logic and thinking through board games.
  • The main task of the club is to make the student think radically.

Contacts: Zhetigen Kyrmanchiev



  1. Teqball
  • Teqball - is a ball sport that is played on a curved table, combining elements of football and table tennis. Back and forth, the players hit a football with any part of the body except arms and hands.
  • Teqball can be played between two players as a singles game, or between four players as a doubles game.
  • The game is represented at an international level by the International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ).

Contacts: Artur Bakytbekov



  1. Theatre Mirrors
  • The cultural development of students of AUCA;
  • Building the unique spirit of AUCA;
  • Represent AUCA in big cultural events in Kyrgyzstan and abroad

Contacts: Diana Takutdinova



  1. Volleyball Club

The volleyball club was created to contribute to the sport's development of students of the auca and enjoy the game of volleyball.

Contacts:  Temir Muktarbek



  1. What? Where? When?

The goal of this intellectual club is to improve erudition among students. Giving them a chance to have a wonderful experience in such an intelligent game. This club brings together interesting and curious people from all departments.

Contacts: Mirlan Zheenbekov



  1. YSEP

YSEP was created to promote social activism, public service, and to unite young leaders of Central Asia under the entrepreneurial spirit.

By joining the YSEP club, students will be able:

  • To develop themselves professionally and academically in order to become outstanding business leaders of Central Asia

Contacts: Aisulu Ryspaeva



  1. OG Chess Club
  • Popularization of chess, development of strategic thinking among students.
  • During the semester we will work on preparation for the competition which will be held at the end of the year.

Contacts: Dastan Baktybekov




  1. Japanese Club
  • Through learning Japan and Japanese culture, tradition, and society together, students and attendees will cultivate intercultural perspectives, learn soft skills, and learn how to grow together as global citizens and leaders.
  • Visiting and conducting events, classes, and workshops.
  • Creating discussion space and time to better understand modern Japanese and exchange knowledge about KG and Japanese values and norms.

Contacts: Yumi Takahashi




  1. Women’s Football Club
  • The Women’s Football Club gives an opportunity to all women of AUCA to be part of a football team.

Whether you're experienced or just want to get a good glimpse of this sport, your place is within the team.



AUCA doesn’t open students’ clubs, YOU do it!

AUCA just supports them!

If you want to open a new club in AUCA, you are very welcome to do that! We support all ideas and interests that can develop AUCA student society.

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