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Student clubs exist to give participants opportunities to develop interests and skills in many different activities. Clubs increase conviviality among students and a sense of pride in  AUCA. Participation in club activities can also sharpen a student’s knowledge and experience in a particular area of expertise. Active involvement demonstrates to prospective employers’ commitment to extra-curricular responsibilities. Clubs are recognized and registered through the Student Life Office. Clubs are recognized and registered through the Student Life Office.  In order to register a new club, students must get an application form from Student Life Officer and return complete form with the electronic version. Club can be started by student, faculty or staff member. Clubs may request money from the Student Senate budget.


How to Start a New Club?

In order to register a new club, you need to come and see the Student Life Officer or write an e-mail, requesting an application form for clubs. She/He will send you an application form for clubs. In this form you need to answer to the following questions and send it to the e-mail:

Club's name

  • Club’s Goals;
  • Activities of the club;
  • Projects (if any);
  • Name, departments, phone numbers (optional) and email addresses of the members (should be more than 3);
  • How other students can become a member of your club or membership requirements;
  • Who is the main coordinator? (name and email address).

Registered Student Clubs may request financial support from the Student Senate budget.


CLUBS 2018-2019


  1. The New Star

The New Star is a monthly independent student newspaper of the AUCA since November 24, 1999. It was awarded with the "Best Student Newspaper 2008".

  • Chronicles significant news and events happening in the AUCA community;
  • Showcases the creative writing and poetic talents of our students;
    We welcome students who want to write and be the member of The New Star newspaper Club.

Contacts: Baimuratova Kamila – 0772 136 136

 Facebook page:


  1. ENACTUS Club
  • Create social and business projects;
  • Help people to earn money;
  • Discover additional opportunities for low-income families; 
  • Think different and propose solutions to common problems;
  • Develop new business models ;
  • Create a community of new business leaders;
  • Have a network of the best businessman and leaders of the country.


Contacts: Aisuluu Tokmanbetova – 0779 07 07 82


Facebook page:


           3. Football Club

  • Physical and football skills improvement;
  • Preparation for Annual soccer cup “Universiada”;
  • Health support;
  • Organize all the football fans into one community;
  • Pick up the best players to AUCA Football Team;
  • Coming together to train and play football.

Contacts: Bektur Chormonov - 0559 65 08 65        



           4. Women’s Football club

  • An opportunity to all women of AUCA to be part of a football team (soccer);
  • Have fun while playing and improving our physical strength and create a team spirit.

Contacts: Johanna Dirlewanger - 0778 80 73 41



                5. AIESEC Club                                                         

          AIESEC is an international not for profit organization that provides students with leadership training and internship opportunities
AIESEC annually offers “24,000 leadership positions and delivers over 500 conferences to membership of over 86,000 students". It is present in over 2,400 universities across the globe. AIESEC runs an international exchange program that enables over 20,000 students and recent graduates the opportunity to live and intern in another country.” AIESEC is supported by over 8,000 partner organizations.
The 6 values which every member in AIESEC follow, are:

  • Strive for excellence
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Activating leadership
  • Act sustainable
  • Enjoy participation
  • Living diversity

Contacts: Zheentaeva Nazirabegim - 0702 633 514



        6. Debate Club

Debate club is one of the biggest club at AUCA and one of the best debate clubs in Bishkek.
Our goals are to improve:

  • Critical thinking
  • Public speaking
  • Communication skills

Contacts:   Kubatbek uulu Abai - 0553 20  50 99



          7. Rotaract Club

  • Providing the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and skills for personal and professional development;
  • Solving social problems through community service;
  • Strengthening friendship and understanding among nations through international activities and personal contacts with Rotaractors from other countries.

Contacts: Farzana Abdilashimova - 0700 05 66 86


          8. Theatre “Mirrors”

  • Cultural development of students of AUCA;
  • Building the unique spirit of AUCA;
  • Represent AUCA in big cultural events in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.

Contacts: Asakeev Nurlan - 0555 566 888

Office G23


          9. Basketball Club

  • The goal is to popularize basketball among students of AUCA and encourage them to participate in this activity;
  • It will teach the basic rules of basketball;
  • Create a strong AUCA basketball team and participate in competitions between universities.

Contacts: Osmongaziev Erlan – 0505 777 359

Mamakeev Elaman



       10. Basketball for girls

  • Trainings;
  • Participation in competitions.

Contacts: Chynara Suimenalieva – 0755050 55 25



         11. Women and the Arts club

  •  Reading and studying female authors and artists;
  • A place where women can provide each other with support and attention to the situation we deal with women.
    “We want to create a medium for the voice of women and push the obstacles women face into the light, so they cannot be ignored. Therefore, this club wants people to realize the problems women face. It is necessary to understand gender equality and women rights and this club’s goal is to aware people from gender equality and women rights.”

Contacts: Fatima Airan


        12. Senior Friends club

  • Charitable club

Contacts: Mingoiim Nishonova – 0776 07 12 34    



      13. Photography club

  • Inspire AUCA students to find their creative side in this fashionable hobby, as well as alerting AUCA of the many photographic talents of their fellow students;
  • Host weekly photography competitions.

Contacts: Meighan Johnson - 0709-022-945



       14. Case club

  • Train students for solving Business cases and practice analytical skills, real business problems, and improve critical thinking;
  • Solve various real cases of companies, organize business case competitions within the university and country.

Contacts: Sezim Zhenishbekova - 0706 300 998     



       15. NeoBis – mobile application development club

Contacts: Aidai Kazybekova - 0770 444 001



         16. Outdoor club

  • Encouraging students to spend time in the nature;
  • Learning practical outdoor skills;
  • Making students aware of their responsibilities to the environment;
  • Trekking, rafting, skiing, rock-climbing.

Contacts: Abdurakhman Abdurakhmanov - 0553 38 09 04



          17. Young Leaders Association

Contacts: Nazenin Vali – 0551 12 54 25



           18. Young life club (for students living in dormitory)

Contacts: Hamroboev Dilshod - 0777 77 49 95                  



            19. Filmmaking club

  • Writing and directing original short films;
  • Exploring the world cinema through watching and discussing;
  • Holding workshops about all that connects with cinema.

Contacts: Yrys Uraliev - 0557 00 99 97



           20. Board Games club

  • Gather people interested in board games;
  • Improve different skills including logical thinking and social experience;
  • Playing different types of board games, discuss different events and watch different materials.

Contacts: Toktomambetov Erlan - 0555 18 06 98



            21. Moot Court club

  • Improving the litigation skills of law students

Contacts: Bakai Abdykul uulu - 0559 958585


             22. English World (AUCA English Speaking Zone)

Contacts: Arina Turgunbekova - 0557 557 577



             23. Global Citizenship club

  • Promote Global Citizenship among students;
  • Help students discuss their projects and plans with other students and find interested partners from different countries to work with;
  • Share experiences of travels with other students of different countries and also learn from other’s experiences.

Contacts: Aisha Habibzai - 0553 650 720



             24. Teaching kitchen club

  • Cooking classes that celebrate culture, community, and food;
  • Culinary classes, competitions.

Contacts: Aian Kadyrova - 0556 33 75 02



            25. AUCA Movie club

  • Organization of movie nights; 
  • Discussions of movies;
  • Different projects connected to World movie.

Contacts: Zarlasht Sarmast – 0551 61 62 94 



            26. Art club

  • Teach people the basics of arts, sculpture, sketch and portraits. Using watercolors, crayons, pencils and clay we will help them to reveal inner artist talent;
  • Competition between students dedicated to several events.

Contacts: Asylbekova Alina  0707 36 70 71



           27. Bicycle club 

  • Promote active life-style, introducing bicycles as a more healthy, cost-efficient variant of transportation;
  • Sharing experience and tips, greatly benefiting the bicycle community of AUCA;
  • Riding bicycles, picnics;

Contacts: Eldos Atalov – 0772 17 79 87     



            28. TEDx club

  • Exhibiting and interpreting Best TEDx shows;
  • Speech contest;
  • Practical Presentations on TED Topics;
  • Speaking Narrative Games.

Contacts: Abdul Ali Ismailzada - 0552 605 402



          29. Book club

  • Reading interesting books;
  • Discussions;
  • Book exchange.

Contacts: Zhanbolot uulu Isa - 0779 01 05 08         



          30. Get Success club 

  • Talking clubs, where AUCA students who already did their exchange can share their experience and knowledge with others;
  • Gathering interested students once a week, inviting a lecturer student;
  • Teach students to fill the documents for exchange and help them with interview.

Contacts: Nurzada Abdivalieva - 0773 25 38 88     



          31. "Prometheus" AUCA Quiz club

  • Organization of quizzes on various topics which will be given before the actual date of quiz;
  • Meetings to discuss topics for the upcoming quizzes.

Contacts: Dinmukhamet Igissinov - 0552 20 65 21            



           32. The Sexual Kaleidoscope

  • Promoting and protecting the basic rights of young people for free and informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health;
  • Creation of a platform for students, professors, researchers and civil activists to discuss issues related to sexual reproductive health through the prism of history, economics, psychology and sociology;
  • Spreading the awareness to students about different aspects of sexuality and reproductive health;
  • Scientific discussions on sexuality and culture;
  • Discussion of sensitive issues.

Contacts: Ulukbek Batyrgaliev - 0554 77 99 01      



          33. Cyber Gaming club

  • Creating teams and playing different games;
  • Different online and offline games tournaments.

Contacts: Dilshod Norov – 0776 60 28 78



           34. AUCA Model OSCE

  • Promoting the important role the youth play in peace and security in the region;
  • Strengthening the capacity and skills of youth to participate in the political and decision-making processes;
  • Promoting the important role the youth play in peace and security in the region;
  • Strengthening the capacity and skills of youth to participate in the political and decision-making processes.

Contacts: Hezbullah Shafaq – 0552 66 42 14



            35. PUBG mobile club

  • Playing PUBG game;
  • Tournaments and regular practice games, online meetings between student teams to promote English and teamwork.

Contacts: Murataliev Alibek – 0708 86 01 83



              36. Japanese club

Contacts: Murataliev Alibek – 0708 86 01 83



               37. Development Clinic

 Contacts: Abylova Makmal - 0552 01 25 43          



               38. Blockchain and Digital technologies

  • Discussing possible spheres of using of these technology, conversation and debates about their use and effect on our life;
  • Give deep knowledge about new technology known as Blockchain.

Contacts: Nazarov Ruslan – 0703 13 46 60 



               39. International club

  •  Contact international students on social medias before they arrive in Kyrgyzstan, helping them with any kind of questions they can have about housing, safety, visa, courses, etc ;
  • Helping the international students setting up
  • Planning events;
  • Organizing city tours and different trips;
  • Organizing tutoring sessions.

Contacts: Thomas Schlaeintzauer – 0779 65 00 37



               40. Green Campus club

 Contacts: Buyandelger Khishigzul - 0550 601 755      



                41. American Football Club – AUCA БАРСЫ

  • Promote healthy lifestyle through American Football
  • Share American culture
  • Popularize AUCA in the whole region and compete against teams in Kazakhstan and Russia

Contacts: Kairat Tagaev - 0555013212



                42. AUCA MUN Club

  • Conducting workshops and practical Model United Nations

Contacts: Fawzia Yosufi - 0707014823



             43. Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club offers an extracurricular forum for intellectually gifted and talented students at any stage of their studies, who enjoy open discussions about perennial issues on ethical, religious, historical, and scientific matters. It mediates between students and faculty with a liberal arts focus that assists in formulating the questions of tomorrow.

  • Promotion of philosophy and liberal arts via extracurricular activities;
  • Critical and analytic thinking;
  • Peer and faculty advising on academic writings;
  • Discussions on philosophical books and movies;

Contacts: Rysmende Kadyrkulov – 0708 95 78 76



AUCA doesn’t open students’ clubs, YOU do it!

AUCA just supports them!

If you want to open a new club in AUCA, you are very welcome to do that! We support all ideas and interests that can develop AUCA student society.

In order to create a new club, you have to come to the Student Life Office (room G23) and ask for a club form from the Student Coordinator.


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