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Classifications, Course Loads and Student Expectations

In order to meet the minimum requirement for graduation of 240 credits for Undergraduate programs and 120 credits for Graduate programs, a student is generally expected to execute a load of 30 credits per semester.

During the summer school, students may enroll in a maximum of 18 credit hours.

Students who do not successfully complete 30 credits each academic semester may not be on track to graduate in four years. Students may need to complete a fifth year of study or take summer school classes to earn the required 240 credits towards graduation. This also applies to students who participate in programs abroad. Please note that Financial Aid/Scholarships are awarded for eight semesters only, and that Financial Aid/Scholarships are not awarded during summer terms.

Moreover, if a student participates in any program abroad (UGRAD, Work and Travel, etc.) it is still his/her responsibility to complete all requirements of AUCA programs, even if it means that the student may need to extend his/her studies beyond four years.

Students must have a minimum of:

  • 54 credits to advance from the first year to the second year
  • 114 credits to advance from the second year to the third year
  • 174 credits to advance from the third year to the fourth year*


One ECTS credit is understood to be equal to 30 academic hours. The duration of an academic hour is 50 classroom minutes. The volume of work in a given course is divided into classroom and independent work. In most cases the majority of the total course work is allocated to independent preparation – about 60%. The volume of independent work for each academic course is determined by the curriculum.

Maximum quantity of credits per term for the full-time students:

  • Students of the first year of training - 30 credits;
  • Students of the second, third and fourth year of training - 33 credits (30+3 additional credits).
  1. All students are required to register for a minimum of eight terms as a full-time student. If a student studies abroad for a semester or a year these semesters can count towards the full time registration for this purpose. In case of tuition payment for two terms as a Part-time student, two part-time semesters adding up to 24 credits are counted as one full-time semester.
  1. If a student completes eight semesters as a full-time student and still needs to take courses then he/she can pay as a part-time student.
  2. Only a full-time student has a right to receive financial aid from the University.
  3. The cost of one credit hour is equal for all the categories of the students.



AUCA students are fully responsible for completing curriculum and program requirements, follow­ing the rules described in the section “Academic rules and regulations” of the AUCA web-site. Students have the right to inspect their transcripts for clerical errors.


All active AUCA students are expected to:

  • Activate and regularly check their AUCA email (all official communication will be delivered to AUCA email account);
  • Schedule regular meetings with their Academic Advisors and Program Coordinators;
  • Review all graduation requirements and monitor their progress towards graduation every semester;
  • Meet all prerequisites for the courses in which they plan to register;
  • Pay current semester tuition fees according to the payment schedule indicated in a student’s study agreement;
  • Complete the registration for courses on time.


*Information regarding number of credits to advance from one year to another is updtated on August 19, 2019

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