Series of Workshops

Series of Workshops "Security, Conflict Management and Peacebuilding"

March 15, 2023

Alisher Norov, Student Affairs Coordinator, and Instructor at the European Studies Department, initiated, and successfully implemented the project – a series of workshops – “Security, Conflict Management and Peacebuilding” at AUCA. The aim of the project was to raise the awareness of the AUCA community about the essence of contemporary security issues, conflicts and existing conflict management tools, as well as their practical use. Moreover, through this series of workshops, members of the AUCA community were introduced to the role of the OSCE in conflict prevention and mediation, as well as the negotiation tactics that are necessary not only for the ability to negotiate at the macro level, but also at the micro level. As part of the series, from February 13 to 16, four workshops lasting 1.5 hours each were held at the American University of Central Asia. The workshops were conducted by established international  experts in the fields covered by the series (more information can be found in the leaflet below).

I have always been interested in politics and security. Having gained theoretical and practical knowledge about security, conflict management and the role of the OSCE in conflict prevention and mediation during my educational and professional past, I wanted members of our community to also become more familiar with these topics. This is especially important in such turbulent times. I am glad that the total number of participants of all 4 workshops has reached 80 people, which confirms my words. I was especially pleased to hear from many participants that, due to these workshops, they became interested in the topics covered and expressed the hope that there will be more such events. For me, as the Project Lead who initiated and implemented this project, this is a great honor. I am very grateful to my team members, Dilshod Norov (MA ANTH –122) and Viacheslav Ivanov (TCMA – 122), for their invaluable contribution to the implementation of this project. I would also like to express my gratitude to the distinguished experts who kindly accepted my offer to conduct this or that workshop. I also thank AUCA for approving my project and providing me with a PREF grant, which allowed me to organize this series of workshops. – Alisher Norov

After the series of workshops, one of the participants Aizada Tynyeva shared her thoughts and opinion about this project:

“I would like to thank Alisher Norov for organizing a very informative and well-organized series of workshops on “Security, Conflict Management and Peacebuilding”. The overall content of the courses was very interesting and was delivered effectively keeping the audience’s attention. The speakers were very knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to answer all questions.”

An additional positive effect of the project was that some experts, having learned more about AUCA, expressed their interest in further cooperation with the university in terms of expanding opportunities for students, as well as holding various academic and non-academic events at AUCA.

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