Aslan Alparov:

Aslan Alparov: "I enjoyed the sense of community and support that was present at AUCA. It allowed me to develop both academically and personally"

March 7, 2023


Aslan Alparov is an AUCA alumnus who graduated in 2021 with a degree in Applied Geology. Aslan is now pursuing his Master’s degree in Geological Science at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. At the same time, he works as a Field Geologist at the SSR Mining company.

During my student years at AUCA, I had the opportunity to meet and learn from some truly wonderful individuals, including my professors and fellow students. Looking back, I feel grateful for the experiences I had and the skills I developed during my time at AUCA.

When I first enrolled in 2017 at the age of 17, I was unsure about my future plans and goals. However, the supportive and competitive environment at AUCA helped me to realize my potential and set meaningful goals for myself. My professors were a significant source of inspiration and guidance, providing me with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed both academically and professionally.

Overall, I am grateful for the four years I spent at AUCA, and I believe that my experiences there have played a significant role in shaping who I am today. I will always look back on my time at AUCA with fondness and appreciation for the wonderful opportunities and individuals that I had the privilege to encounter.

One thing that I truly cherish about my experience at AUCA is the unwavering support and guidance I received from both my professors and fellow students. This support system was instrumental in helping me navigate through the challenges that come with pursuing higher education.

The professors at AUCA were not just knowledgeable but also invested in their students' success. They were always available to provide guidance and assistance, whether it was through office hours, emails or extra study sessions. They encouraged us to ask questions, and think critically, and challenged us to reach our full potential.

Additionally, my fellow students also played a crucial role in my experience at AUCA. The competitive yet supportive environment fostered healthy competition and collaboration, which helped me to push myself beyond what I thought was possible. Whether it was through group projects or study groups, my peers were always willing to lend a hand and help each other succeed.

Overall, I enjoyed the sense of community and support that was present at AUCA. It allowed me to develop both academically and personally, and I am grateful for the friendships and knowledge that I gained during my time there.

Looking towards the future, my main goal and aspiration are to make a significant contribution to the development of the mining industry in my homeland of Kyrgyzstan. Currently, I am doing my Master’s degree in Geological Science at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Also, I work as a Field Geologist at the SSR Mining company.

As an Applied Geology major at AUCA, I have gained a deep understanding of the potential for growth and development in this field, and I am eager to use my knowledge and skills to make a positive impact.

One of my primary goals is to make the Applied Geology department at AUCA one of the best in the world. I believe that with the right resources and support, we can become a leader in this field and attract talented individuals from all over the globe. By providing top-tier education and research opportunities, we can create a generation of geologists and mining engineers who are passionate about advancing the industry and creating a sustainable future.

Ultimately, my aspiration is to see the mining industry in Kyrgyzstan flourish and grow in a responsible and sustainable manner. By working towards this goal, I hope to make a meaningful contribution to my country and to the world as a whole.

My advice to the AUCA students: When it comes to university, my most serious advice would be to take the time to find what truly brings you joy and passion. AUCA is a wonderful place to explore your interests and develop your skills, and it is essential to make the most of this opportunity.

It is important not to feel pressured into pursuing a major or career path that does not align with your interests and aspirations. If you find yourself unhappy or unfulfilled in your current major, don't be afraid to explore other options. It's better to learn about what you like and enjoy, rather than simply sticking to what your parents or others advise you to do.

In essence, be true to yourself and follow your own path. You are the only one who can decide what is best for you and your future. Take advantage of the diverse range of resources and experiences offered by AUCA to discover what excites and motivates you, and pursue it with passion and dedication.

In summary, my advice is simple: You do You. Trust yourself, follow your heart, and make the most of your time at AUCA.

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