Asel Osmongazieva:

Asel Osmongazieva: "AUCA creates an environment for learning like no other place"

January 24, 2023


Asel Osmongazieva graduated from AUCA in 2021 from Journalism and Mass Communications Department. Right after graduation, Asel decided to get work experience, and currently, she is working for a non-profit organization that fights tuberculosis through various activities.

I would say that my years at AUCA were formative. Everything I got to experience and the people I met formed me into the person I’m today. I should say I’m proud of where I am now and grateful to AUCA for being a part of my journey.

The most enjoyable part of my experience at the university had to be the people! I met my best friends and mentors there. The connections I made in AUCA will be with me for the rest of my life which is great for so many reasons. I just don’t have the space to list all of them here. I also really loved studying, believe it or not. Yes, I may have been a grade-A student that was just into all of it. However, AUCA  creates an environment for learning like no other place. I hunted down butterflies to take pictures of them as an assignment for one of my classes. For another class, I explored an abandoned canal. These are just things off the top of my head but they were great experiences and I’m really grateful to have had them! I miss that a lot - trying and learning about new things. I also got to live in NYC for 6 months through the BGIA program which was surreal!

I decided to postpone getting my master’s degree and really get the feel of the real working environment. I currently work at KNCV Kyrgyzstan, a non-profit organization that fights tuberculosis through various activities. I’m a communications specialist, although my boss calls me «Facebook specialist» which sounds funny. I run all the social media pages our organization has, create content, photograph events, and do some other things like writing and gathering information. I do what I was taught to do which is still very surprising to me! One of my goals is to do work that helps people one way or another. 

Advice for all the current and future students - enjoy every day. Every lunch with friends in the kitchenette, every strange assignment you’re given, every big event. I know that you’re tired and stressed but these years are wonderful and amazing so make the best of it.

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