Win AUCA Law Debate Competition and receive scholarship to study at the program

Win AUCA Law Debate Competition and receive scholarship to study at the program

April 4, 2022


The AUCA Law Debate competition aims to provide high school students from Central Asia with an opportunity to come forward and experience the art of debating on legal issues.This will allow high school students to showcase their skills and get scholarships to study in one of the leading law programs in Central Asia.

Debate Resolution/Theme

"Gender quotas in elections are necessary to achieve gender equality"

Eligibility and Format

The competition is open to all high school students (11 th grade) across Central Asia. The format of the competition will be fully online and will be conducted via the Zoom platform. Zoom links will be sent to participants via e-mail.

Important Dates

Last Date for Registration – April 15, 2022

Date of Competition – April 23, 24, 2022

Venue – Zoom


The first three winners will get scholarships to study at AUCA Law Program.

Certificates of participation will be given to all participants.

Note: Electronic certificates will be issued.

Debate Rules


The competition will be held in the form of an academic debate. Participation shall be on an individual basis (1 vs. 1). There shall be two sides in the competition. The proposition side is called the Affirmative, and the opposition side is called the Negative. The Affirmative side represents the Government, while the Negative side represents the Opposition. One round of debate consists of four speeches. Here is the order of speeches:

  1. Affirmative speech– 9 minutes;
  2. Negative speech – 9 minutes;
  3. Affirmative rebuttal – 3 minutes;
  4. Negative surrebuttal – 3 minutes.

The first 9 minutes provided to speakers should be used to advance the most important arguments of each side. The opinion of the speaker must be backed up by a legal principle, theory, or authority/source. If a speaker cites facts, he/she must be able to give full details of the news article, report, etc., from which the facts are cited.

During the rebuttal and surrebuttal the speakers must adhere to the disciplinary guidelines that include the following:

  • During the rebuttal the speaker should respond to the arguments of the opposing side and demonstrate why they are weak. As part of the surrebuttal, the speaker should respond to the opposing party's rebuttal (a rebuttal to a rebuttal). No new arguments may be introduced during the rebuttal and surrebuttal.
  • There should not be any personal comments on the other speaker’s arguments/presentation.
  • The counter-points must be backed up by legal principles, theories, authoritative sources/evidence.
  • The speaker must stop speaking once his/her allotted time gets over. The moderator will inform you about it. However, he/she may ask for an extension from the judges, and if allowed, he/she can continue.

Exceeding the total time without the permission of judges would attract negative marking. 

The speakers will not be able to ask each other questions or speak with one another during the debate rounds.

The decision of the judges would be final and not subject to appeal.


Preliminary Rounds - 12 minutes (including rebuttals)  

Semi-Final Rounds - 12 minutes (including rebuttals)

Final Rounds - 12 minutes (including rebuttals)


The debate will be held in English. Speaking Russian or any other language is not allowed.


Since the debate will be conducted on an online platform, each participant’s video should be turned on throughout the round. However, the microphone should be turned on only when it is his/her chance to speak.


All the participants must observe a formal dress code on both days.

Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship

  • The scholarship is subject to the receiver`s admission to AUCA IBL program by fulfilling all admission requirements and submitting all required documents for admission.
  • The scholarship is applicable to study only in the International and Business Law program.
  • Once accepted students cannot transfer to another program. In case of transfer, the scholarship will automatically be terminated.
  • The scholarship cannot be paused, it should be activated starting from September 2021.
  • To keep scholarship during the studies in the IBL AUCA program, the receiver must meet general University requirements on financial aid and scholarship.

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