Bekjon Makhmudov:

Bekjon Makhmudov: "AUCA has many opportunities for people with different interests and points of view"

May 19, 2021

We interviewed a sophomore student Bekjon Makhmudov from Software Engineering Department, who keeps the GPA at a high level and attends many international conferences, also Bekjon will share his experience and impressions about student life in AUCA.

– Why did you decide to study at AUCA?

– At the time of choosing the university, AUCA was the best option. Its main advantage is cooperation with sponsored educational programs that make training available to a wider range of applicants. The vicinity of the cultures of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, also the similarity of the languages make living and studying in AUCA so comfortable for me.

– What do you like about university?

– The AUCA student community is known for its multiculturalism, tolerance to all students and visitors. For a foreign student, this is the most important part of the social life of the university. It should be emphasized that AUCA has a lot of highly qualified teachers – this makes AUCA stand out among many higher education institutions in the region. All employees of the university make a huge contribution to the growth of students, as well as easily go for the dialogue. Academic assistance facilitates the everyday life of students.

– How does online teaching works during a pandemic?

– It should be noted that at the beginning of the process of switching to online learning, I often had technical problems. At the moment, online education has completely replaced offline education, while maintaining a decent level of quality. Students are used to visiting classes through various devices, there is more time and energy that was previously spent on the way to the institute.

– The best memories related to AUCA?

– With the beginning of the pandemic, I was once again convinced of the importance of communication with people. Every single day spent at the university is a part of the best memories: there was an opportunity to dive into the studies, constantly learn new things, see friends and teachers and talk to them about various topics at the lunch.

– Tell us what conferences you have participated in and what experience you have gained.

I have participated in many conferences organized by the American-Uzbek Chamber of Commerce. I am interested in tracking the dynamics of investment potential development Uzbekistan. As a rule, at these conferences, Uzbek companies promote national products, demonstrating to interested businessmen from Canada and US opportunities for cooperation. I am happy to see how diverse the business sector in Uzbekistan. You immediately understand how important risk is in creating a unique product for an international trading platform.

– What student clubs do you belong to and why? And what do you do in addition to training?

– I am a member of the student club “CaseCup", I was a volunteer at many events in AUCA. In addition to studying at the university, I take courses in programming for additional knowledge in this area and also teaching English at the training center. I like an active lifestyle and discipline, so I visit the gym (previously, this was possible when studying was offline at AUCA).

– Why would you recommend studying here?

– AUCA has many opportunities for people with different interests and points of view.

The diversity of cultures brings people together and creates a cohesive team. The main thing is that AUCA is open to new and interesting things.

– Your wishes to the readers.

– Stay in a good mood and don't stop moving forward. All the best is just ahead.


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