Urmat Ryskulov:

Urmat Ryskulov:"We are Working on a New Curriculum Both for BA and MBA"

January 12, 2021

Urmat Ryskulov Head of Business Administration Program shared department plans for the coming three years and advised students to choose the profession they like during our interview with him.

"Being at the position of Dean at AUCA, especially during the Covid-19 was too challenging"

Being at the position of Dean at AUCA, especially during the Covid-19 was too challenging both in teaching as well as from the administrative part. I believe, this is not only relevant for me but it was the same for all the AUCA community especially students who faced hard times to cope with the courses and to understand its contents. Online education is hard but it is also good for all to experience since the evolution of technology will be pushing every member of the academic community to engage and even to offer online educational platforms in the future.
SEBA (Business Administration Department) has great plans for the coming three years. In this regard, we have developed a faculty strategy for teaching and research. Every single activity undertaken by SEBA will be directly related to these strategies and are aimed to increase the reputation of the faculty as well as the AUCA,  not only in the Kyrgyz Republic but also beyond the borders. If to be more precise we are working on a new curriculum both for BA and MBA programs where the contents of every course will be carefully revised to prevent topic overlaps between the courses and integrating the case-study based teaching. The case-study based teaching will provide more enhanced knowledge to improve the analytical skills of the students and experience to integrate the theoretical knowledge in real-life cases. SEBA will be working closely with the student during these years. The program we will be offering for the students in some way promotes students’ interaction with the industry. Thus, the student clubs will be engaged with the actual problems of the business sector and carry some activities in these directions.

"I would advise students to choose the profession which they like"


I would advise students to choose the profession which they like. Unfortunately, most of the students do not pay much attention to this and they try to choose a reputable profession or the ones which seemed to bring more earning. Any profession you do not like will lead to drawbacks in career and professional development.
As I have already indicated above the students must choose the profession they like more. Of course, students may not be familiar with the BA program and we must make it clear. My sincere opinion on why I would advise BA is very simple. Go, look outside, and all that is moving is related to business. This program gives knowledge combined from different fields like Finance, Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, communication, etc. No matter whoever and wherever you are you still will find yourself in a need of knowledge regarding business. Most importantly this program is related to an understanding of how all these surrounding including the business are working. It always evolves and never stops unless society will fail to be creative. For instance, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the key drivers of the economy. However, it fails when companies cannot find solutions for their problems, and these problems could only be solved if you have the analytical skills to synthesize the information and if you can integrate knowledge from different fields mentioned above to solve the particular problem. Accordingly, it would be right to say that the Business Administration degree will give you more integrated knowledge to solve the problems of any kind businesses face.


"The colleagues are my second family"

The colleagues are my second family who has been supporting and helping me all these times and taking a chance I would like to thank all for their dedicated works especially during the Covid19. I wish the best of best to all colleagues and students in their works, life, and studies.


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