Hurry to apply by January 5, 2021! Undergraduate Scholarships for Female Afghan Students to study at the AUCA

Hurry to apply by January 5, 2021! Undergraduate Scholarships for Female Afghan Students to study at the AUCA

December 18, 2020

The American University of Central Asia is accepting applications for the 2020 - 2025 academic cycle from interested applicants for the Afghan Scholarship Program, funded by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. 29 accepted applicants of the scholarship program will receive full funding to cover the costs of 4 years of an undergraduate degree and, a preparatory English program in AUCA, yearly round trip travel to Afghanistan, basic medical care, housing, and meals stipend.

Eligibility Criteria

The Afghan Students Scholarship Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national, ethnic origin, or disability. Competition is merit-based and open to anyone who is:

●  A citizen/resident of Afghanistan at the time of application & during the selection process.

●  The recipient of a high school diploma by the time of application.

●  College or university students are also eligible.

●  Proficient in spoken and written English at the time of application.

●  Able to demonstrate academic excellence, professional aptitude, and leadership potential.

●  Able to begin the academic program in Spring 2021.

●  Committed to returning to Afghanistan after completion of the program to contribute to its development.

Individuals in the following circumstances are NOT eligible:

●  High school students who have not graduated yet.

●  U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States.

●  Spouses of U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States.

●  Individuals currently residing or working outside Afghanistan.

●  Employees, officers, or directors of the Afghan Students Scholarship Program from ANGO, American University of Central Asia (faculty or staff), US Embassy in Kabul: their spouse, children, sibling, or a person in a committed relationship with an employee.

Current and past recipients of U.S. Embassy funded scholarships CANNOT apply. For example, if a person is a current/past U.S. Embassy AUAF, AUB, or AUI scholar or PROMOTE scholar, the candidate is ineligible for the Afghan Students Scholarship Program at AUCA.

Application Process (How to Apply)
  1. Click here to access the application form

  2. Fill and submit the application before January 5, 2021 (deadline)

  3. Read the instructions before filling the application form

Important Note: The application form will take 16 minutes to complete. Please have all your documents and answers available with you before filling the application. The application form will not be saved. All candidate applications must be completed in full and submitted in a single session to be considered for the scholarship. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

You should have the following things ready:

1. Two Essays:

  1. Personal Statement: Write a concise essay about your personality and aspirations for life. Explain in-depth how this scholarship program will help you achieve your life goal. In the essay, explain how your past experiences such as academic, leadership, and other achievements have contributed to where you are and how this study opportunity in AUCA would further strengthen your resolve to reach your goal in life. (Your essay shouldn't be shorter than 300 words or longer than 600 words). We advise you to write the essays prior to submitting the application.
  2. Personal Essay: From the below three topic options, choose only one and write a short essay. (Your essay shouldn't be shorter than 300 words and longer than 600 words). We advise you to write the essays prior to submitting the application.
  1. Write about a challenging situation you have faced in life. Why did it happen? How did you react? What was the cause of it? What would you do differently now?
  2. Write about a person who inspires you to work hard in life. How did you come to know her/him? What is/was their story of struggle? What ignited the inspiration?
  3. Tell us about a problem that your community faces. How is it affecting your life? How do you want to address it and why?
2. Photo ID (A most recent photo, not older than six months)
3. Scanned copy of High School Diploma (please make sure to scan both sides)
4. Certificates of extracurricular programs

5. Certificate of the USG Program Completion (optional for female and required for male applicants)

In order to apply for this scholarship, male applicants must have previously completed a U.S. Government (USG) program such as ACCESS or LEAP. Please include your certificate of completion in your application packet. Females can apply regardless of prior USG program experience.


Important Note

A) AUCA reserves the right to suspend any applicant if it was found that the documents including high school diplomas were forged or illegally obtained. You, as the applicant, have the sole responsibility to provide authentic and valid documents to AUCA.

B) Applicants who don’t have their school diploma can submit their approved and certified three-year high school grades from their respective school administration and the Provincial Education Department.

Note: should an applicant be selected as a finalist, one should be ready to provide originals of one's documents (passport, school diploma, and transcript, Tazkira) to the committee for the registration, visa, and associated processes.

For information in Dari and Pashto please visit and reach out to us through the following options: 

Contact number: (+93) 0777 714 986 

email address: 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does AUCA offer to its students?

A: At AUCA you may find a lot of opportunities and additional services, among those:

Academic advising

Minor and double major opportunities


International Student Office, Afghan Student Coordinator

Shared Service Center (logistical support to students and information desk)


Medical services (physician, nurse)

Psychological services

Conferences, clubs, public lectures, platforms for debate, discussions and performance

Visa and registration assistance

Study abroad opportunities


Q: Are there certain floors specifically for women? How is security for women? (#1 Question from parents)

A: Female students can request to live in the upper floors of the dorm, specifically designated for women, and those will be offered if there are places. The dormitory is protected by several 24/7 security guards, and video cameras on each floor. Resident Assistants reside on each living floor and help students with unexpected issues. In general, security for women in the dorm is not an issue, but all dormitory residents must return to the dormitory before midnight, 00:00. Residing in the Dormitory for the first academic year is a requirement for the students on this scholarship program.


Q: How much do I receive for meals? Do girls eat in cafeterias or are they on their own?

A: Stipends are approximately $200 per month, and students are responsible for buying their own food, clothing and other supplies. AUCA offers a canteen and three coffee shops on Campus. There are plenty of groceries, a market and several cafés in proximity to Campus. Residents can also use the cooking area at the dormitory to prepare their own meals, and there is a refrigerator on each floor in which they can keep their food.

Q: Is my housing covered?
Yes, for the first year the student’s residency in the Dormitory is fully covered, for the second year and further, students receive additional allowance for renting apartments.

Q: What else is covered by the scholarship?

A: In addition to meal and housing allowances, the following expenses are covered by the Program: full tuition for the duration of the program, a limited medical insurance, annual round trip to home country (Afghanistan only), Kyrgyz visa and registration (does not apply on dependents).


Q: What does it cover? How long does it take?

A: Students will have to pass three tests. The paper-based ELPT exam will last 80 minutes and consists of section 1: Structure and Written Expression and section 2: Reading Comprehension. The essay will take an additional 30 minutes to write. The interview will be testing spoken language skills and will last 15 minutes. Chosen semi finalists will be invited to the last stage of the selection process - final interview.


Q: In the application it is mentioned that the program is focusing on female students. Can male candidates apply?

A: Male candidates who are alumni of certain USG programs may complete the application form, but female candidates will be given priority. Please note that only USG program alumni male applicants are eligible. USG programs refers to: YES, LEAP, and ACCESS.



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