Open House Day at AUCA. Six valuable reasons to come here on February 9!

Open House Day at AUCA. Six valuable reasons to come here on February 9!

January 23, 2020

#Andrew Kuchins

The selection of a university is one of the big decisions young adults make in their life. There are many options available to help make this decision. One of the best ways to determine whether the university is the right fit for you is to visit its open doors event. It is more than an exploration of a campus. An open house provides students with valuable insights into program options, university life, and the overall campus experience. 
Here are the six reasons why you should attend open doors event:
Learn about academic programs
If you still figuring out with the field of study you’re going to choose or need more information on programs, an open house is a great place to start. Speaking with professors or students from various programs will give you an idea of your future choice. They may even inspire you to apply to a program or major that’s right for you.

Find out about financial aid and student services
Find out more about financial aid or scholarship applications by visiting some of the information tables at the open house. AUCA is committed to providing financial assistance to talented and hard-working students who demonstrate excellent academic performance and financial need. Approximately 70% of undergraduates, about 830 students, benefit from merit- and need-based financial aid programs.