Inauguration of the new AUCA President and Annual Initiation ceremony

Inauguration of the new AUCA President and Annual Initiation ceremony

November 14, 2019

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On Tuesday, November 12 the Inauguration of President of the American University of Central Asia and the annual initiation ceremony for freshmen students took place at the Kyrgyz National Philharmonic named after T. Satylganov.

The ceremony started with opening remarks from the U.S. Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Donald Lu right after the national anthems of Kyrgyzstan and the United States. The ambassador congratulated parents of freshmen on the admission of their children to the most prestigious university in Central Asia.

Donald Lu also noted that we are lucky that Andrew Kuchins became the president of AUCA: “What I value most about him is that he is a cool guy who is passionate about educating young people.”

Then the floor was given to AUCA Vice-President Chingiz Shamshiev. In his speech, he spoke about the traditions of the university, reflecting its spirit and values.

“Dear freshmen, dear parents! Three months ago, you became a member of the AUCA large and friendly family. Today, our family - a unique, critical-thinking community, has been expanded by 346 members. You studied with dignity for three months, and now there is very little left - 3.5 years. I wish you success,” addressed Mr. Shamshiev to the freshmen. 

Chingiz Shamshiev reminded everyone about another tradition that appeared eight years ago, every new president of AUCA gets inaugurated on the same day as freshmen.

The new AUCA President Andrew Kuchins was invited to the stage. He was awarded the presidential symbols of the American University of Central Asia under the storm of applause.

In his inaugural address, the president specifically said: “I did have a dream to be Secretary of State, but it turns out I got a better job, President of THE American University of Central Asia. Not the USA, but the AUCA! And now after nearly six months on the job, I am more aware of what a wonderful opportunity it is and what an important responsibility I have to ensure AUCA provides the best education possible for its students; people who will make important differences in the future for Kyrgyzstan and the world. Quite simply, this is the best job I have ever had. At AUCA we have fantastic faculty, great staff, and the best of all, THE BEST STUDENTS IN CENTRAL ASIA!!!”