AUCA hosted a lecture on the ancient Persian art of manuscript design

February 13, 2019


Another event in the framework of the AUCA Open Lectures cycle took place at AUCA. A graduate of Moscow State University, art historian, and artist Christina Glazunova told to Bishkek residents about the High art design handwritten books: Persian philosophy, poetry, calligraphy, miniature as a whole.

At the time of the lecture, the audience gathered at the American University of Central Asia conference hall, plunged into the world of medieval poetry, philosophy and scientific knowledge, accompanied by the sky-blue rhythm of patterns on ancient manuscripts.

The topic chosen by Christina Glazunova for the lecture is so extensive that was hardly conducted in the hour and a half allocated to her. For another 30 minutes, the students asked many questions and exchanged opinions, both about ancient art and the artists of our days.

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