AUCA Diversity Week 2019 was a success. See how it was

AUCA Diversity Week 2019 was a success. See how it was

February 8, 2019

One of the most colorful events of AUCA “Diversity Week 2019” passed. Teams of delegations formed by university students familiarized everyone with the culture of the countries represented.

This year, students have created 15 teams:

  1. Kyrgyz delegation
  2. German delegation
  3. Uzbek delegation
  4. Japanese delegation
  5. Afghan delegation
  6. Caucasian delegation
  7. Indian delegation
  8. Turkish delegation
  9. Korean delegation
  10. Tajik delegation
  11. Spanish delegation
  12. Brazilian delegation
  13. Uyghur delegation
  14. American delegation
  15. Chaotic delegation

The delegates showed attributes of their countries, objects associated with a particular culture, traditional costumes on the first day. Also, they danced national dances right at the center of AUCA during the presentation day.

During the second day, anyone could compete with team members in national games. Students, faculty, and staff of AUCA played “alcheki”, backgammon, and bowling…..

The most delicious day of Diversity Week is a Food Day when students able to taste national dishes of all delegations. Since the main activities of DW take place during the lunch break, all the food “samples” are usually sold out in an hour.

The most grandiose event of the week is a gala concert where all the delegations show colorful and charming performances.  Thousands of guests flooded AUCA Forum by the evening. Students, their friends, relatives, faculty members, AUCA staff, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions gathered at the Forum in anticipation of the show. And …none of them was disappointed!

This year the Diversity Week held for the 15th time. The first attempt to create a platform where each of the nationalities represented by AUCA students could tell about their history and culture, the AUCA Student Life Office and a dozen volunteers made on December 5, 2005. The idea of such a multicultural holiday, promoting the development of tolerance and interpenetration of cultures, instantly found a response in the university community. In the very first year, 80 volunteer students and over 200 viewers took part in it.

The number of students participating in the organization of Diversity Week has reached three hundred, and the number of viewers has exceeded 1000 for 15 years!

The opening of this year was the chaotic delegation. While other delegations showed the beauty of their cultures, the guys from this extraordinary team decided to draw attention to the common problems of people all over the world, regardless of nationality, gender or religion. This year, 7 deadly sins became the theme of the delegation, since all the problems of people on the planet because of them.

The most important fact is that Diversity Week is developing not only in terms of scale. The ideological content of the event is being transformed and deepened. The diversity of the Week has already gone beyond the national framework and, paradoxically, becoming more and more unifying.

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