Story-driven Communication by Olivier Le Blanc

Story-driven Communication by Olivier Le Blanc

December 5, 2018



On Friday, November 30,Olivier Le Blanc, USAID Development and Outreach Communication Specialist held a guest lecture at AUCA on the topic of Story-Driven Communication.


















During the presentation, Mr. Le Blanc, an experienced development specialist, explained how USAID, including its mission in the Kyrgyz Republic, are adopting Story Driven Communication to support their outreach and public relations efforts. Olivier Le Blanc also provided advices and practical examples on how to implement the concept.


















Key suggestions and tips for the creation of story-driven materials included the following:

  • Use a three act, two plot point classic narrative structure to build and tell the story of your success and achievements (Set up – Confrontation – Resolution).


  • Try not to tell but show the story. Use details, behavior, and impressions of the main hero.


  • Impact the reader emotionally! If the reader is engaged and becomes interested in what happens to the main character, then the story becomes much more interesting and enthralling.


  • Focus on visuals! Visuals critical for ensuring that digital or online content reaches its target audiences.


  • Make stories simple and understandable to everyone. Focus on the results and achievements because few really care how they were achieved.


  • Use art and illustrations in stories where photo and video materials are not possible (e.g. sensitive topics). Creativity and originality make the story unforgettable.




















See a PPT of the lecturer by following the link.

The presentation was made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Since September 2016 AUCA has been implementing USAID Building the Future Project, which provides the unique opportunity for outstanding students from all regions of Kyrgyzstan for obtaining a quality higher education at AUCA, enhance the research capacity of AUCA faculty and students, and facilitate accreditation of the Business Administration program of AUCA.


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