Bethany Zulick: AUCA students frequently go on to be leaders in the community and to pursue further education

Bethany Zulick: AUCA students frequently go on to be leaders in the community and to pursue further education

May 16, 2017

AUCA would like to provide students and university community with information about our professors. Professors are a critical resource within the University community, possessing a range of skills and knowledge which can contribute significantly to the quality of the institution in a variety of ways. Professors in AUCA provide leadership in their research discipline within a national and international context. Professors introduce research students and colleagues to useful networks inside and outside the University. Bethany Zulick, English Instructor, BA Philosophy, is one of those professors.

- Could you please, tell about yourself? Where are you from? Your background information, career path.  

- I am originally from Ohio and my family remains there. I intend to apply to PhD programs next year to continue my study of philosophy.

- Why did you decide to work at the AUCA? What do you teach?

- I wanted to work at AUCA to be part of an intellectual community, gain teaching experience, and become acquainted with this fascinating part of the world. I teach English for Academic Purposes.

- How do you try to motivate students to study and to be active in your classes? What are your teaching methods? What is your favorite part of teaching at this college?

- So far, my main method to motivate students has been to show them my own excitement about the topic. I try to engage the class in discussion as often as possible and assign presentations at regular intervals to make sure the students’ voices are heard. My favorite part of teaching here is the character of my students. Their dedication and curiosity always amaze me. 

- How do you contribute to the administration of your department?

- I am willing to help whenever NGA asks it of me. I have not taken part in administrative matters directly, but am happy to contribute feedback or suggestions when asked.

- Tell about AUCA student. How are they different from students of other universities?

- I cannot speak for all AUCA students as I teach primarily NGA and Bilimkana students. However, my students in both of these programs are, for the most part, dedicated and eager to learn. They are also remarkably self-sufficient and self-motivated young people. The NGA students especially have a strong group identity and support their classmates, which is what I believe distinguishes them from the majority of students their age.

- What are some common characteristics, passions, and career goals of students in this major?

- The majority of my students aim to study business administration and become business professionals. Many of them volunteered before coming to AUCA and have continued to serve their community here. 

- What kind of opportunities does the AUCA’s student receive after graduation?

- It is my first year here, so I cannot be sure. But as I understand it, AUCA students frequently go on to be leaders in the community and to pursue further education.

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