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Ближайшие мероприятия

Alumni Talks with Aisha Sultanbekova, JOUR - 2014

  • Brief Bio: Aisha Sultanbekova is just a recent graduate from the American University of Central Asia in Journalism and Mass Communications Department, who by serendipity ended up directing a short film. She was born in a remote area of Kyrgyzstan in Kerben village. Ad Astra is Aisha's first endeavor in film making that she attempted in accordance with her thesis work requirements in order to graduate. Aisha has no prior experience in film making and the whole film is done just by her enthusiasm, intuition and raw abilities of a filmmaker. Aisha is determined to continue to develop her skills in film making and influence the change of the education system in Kyrgyzstan through her works.


  • Ad Astra is about a dedicated teacher and an ordinary wife and grandmother Atyrkul, who combines householding and teaching in harsh conditions. This short documentary depicts not only the daring hardships and the daily struggle the students and teacher go through just to get to school, but also the beauty of commitment, the serene, perhaps naive happiness of the children as they find that childish fun in an unforgiving environment, and the peace that they find themselves despite all that is around them. The world premiere of the film took place at the 62nd San Francisco International Film Festival, San Francisco, USA. The European premiere took place at the Torello Mountain International Film Festival, the city of Torello, Spain. Also this year, the film took part in the Olympia International Film Festival, Pyrgos, Greece.

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