Anthropology Club and CASI joint session

Anthropology Club and CASI joint session

March 19, 2014

Religious Security in the Kyrgyz Republic 

March 19, 2014

Emil Nasritdinov


Abstract: The question of religious security is particularly important today in consideration of resolutions made at the last Security Council of the Kyrgyz Republic. This talk presented the outcomes of research carried out in November-December 2013. Presentation consisted of following parts:

 1) Review of contemporary literature

2) Analysis of the survey conducted among the residents of Bishkek on their perception of religious 

security in the country (survey was carried by AUCA anthropology students)

3) Analysis of experts' opinion on following issues:

- Situation in the sphere of religious security in Kyrgyzstan

- Evaluation of state policy on religious security

- Religion, politics and geopolitics

- Evaluation of major external religious influences in the country: Turkey, India-Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, 

Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Western evangelical movements. 

4) More specific focus on Tabligh Jamaat (davatchiler) from India-Pakistan 

5) Conclusions and recommendations


 Bio: Emil Nasritdinov is the associate professor of anthropology department at the AUCA. He holds PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Among other subjects, Emil teaches Anthropology of Religion and he has been doing ethnographic research of the Tablighi Jamaat movement for many years.

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