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Finance Module

Cost calculation for goods and services

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Price (KGS)
1000 soms

8 ac. hours (1-2 days)


Course objectives: study and understanding of the main components of production costs, consideration of approaches for calculating the cost of goods and services.

Target group: Company managers and employees, business owners.

Course outcomes:

The participants will:

  • learn official and collquial financial terminology in English and Russian
  • learn how to effectively use financial arguments and how to defend own interests during negotiations;
  • learn how to classify expenses and justify decision making (price changing, expenses for additional marketing or hiring additional employee);
  • understand how to calculate production costs and prices for services;
  • learn how to calculate brake even-point and how to analyze "costs - volume of production - profit" and its application in decision making process;
  • learn how to classify overhead costs and to determine their classification;
  • make quick standart operating decisions based on cost-benefit analysis.

Duration and content of the course can be changed according to client requirements. 

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