Oybek Turaev: “Learning by Doing: Policy Labs and Civic Engagement” project at CEU.

Oybek Turaev: “Learning by Doing: Policy Labs and Civic Engagement” project at CEU.

April 3, 2024


“Learning by Doing: Policy Labs and Civic Engagement” project at CEU.

The Tian Shan Policy Center initiative at AUCA to participate in the OSUN Summer Policy Labs in Budapest was not just an opportunity but a doorway into a world of engaged civic engagement and hands-on policy research. As a student at the American University of Central Asia, being selected for this project was an honor that brought both excitement and a sense of responsibility for the community.

 The "Learning by Doing: Policy Labs and Civic Engagement" project at Central European University aimed to combine academia and real-world impact. I immersed myself in a vibrant community of scholars, practitioners, and change-makers eager to explore the complexities of policy implementation in collaboration with external organizations.

 Our team’s focus was on the research topic of "Afghan Migration in Kyrgyzstan." The intricate threads of this study led us to learn the multifaceted challenges and opportunities arising from Afghan migration in the Kyrgyz context. It wasn't just about academic exploration; it was about understanding the lived experiences of individuals, families, and communities affected by migration.

The OSUN Summer Policy Labs became a significant hub of ideas, where participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences exchanged insights. The collaborative atmosphere encouraged us to learn from established experts and each other's unique perspectives of the teams from the Geneva Institute, CEU, and others. This exchange of experiences was as enriching as the subject matter itself.

 Participating in this project was a holistic experience. The American University of Central Asia generously covered all expenses, allowing me to immerse myself in the research without logistical concerns fully. This support was a testament to the commitment of both institutions to fostering meaningful engagement in academia.

 The journey of this project reflected my other capability: I am passionate about solving problems in the community and helping people there. Being equipped with knowledge on policy-making and working with different organizations improved my overall professional experiences. The experiences acquired during the OSUN Summer Policy Labs will undoubtedly shape my academic and professional policy and civic engagement trajectory.



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