Fatima Club Workshop: “Eco-activism: “Нow to create an environmental project and implement it”

Fatima Club Workshop: “Eco-activism: “Нow to create an environmental project and implement it”

February 6, 2024




On February 1st, the Center for Civic Engagement, as part of the activities of the Fatima Club, held a Workshop: “Eco-activism: how to create an environmental project and implement it.” The goal of the workshop was to provide AUCA students and faculty with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement effective environmental projects. The workshop, delivered by a team of experienced speakers, provided valuable information, practical exercises and real-life examples that inspired and empowered participants.


The workshop began with a warm welcome from the organizers, followed by an overview of the agenda:


  1. “Нow to create an environmental project and implement it” Led by Jyldyz Bekbalaeva and Tolgonai Kozhokanova from AUCA library, this session focused on the fundamentals of project development, strategic planning, effective proposal writing, and budgeting principles. Participants learned how to align project goals with organizational objectives and develop clear and compelling proposals.


  1. "How to Create an Eco-project from Scratch." The highlight of the workshop was a special session featuring Alena Maslova, a sustainability media producer with extensive experience in environmental projects. Alena shared insights from her 5 years of experience, discussing how to conceptualize, implement, and promote eco-projects. Participants gained valuable knowledge on raising awareness about ecology and sustainable development in society.



Participants engaged in hands-on exercises to develop their project ideas and refine their proposal writing skills. The interactive nature of the workshop enabled participants to apply the concepts learned in real-time, enhancing their understanding of project development and implementation. After completing the exercise, the students with the most interesting ideas were awarded prizes.


The workshop delved into what constitutes an effective project, emphasizing its components and addressing relevant issues. A case study on the project "Basketball for All" was discussed, focusing on its goals, objectives, results, participant feedback, and project leadership. The SMART technique was introduced to ensure projects are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.


The workshop showcased inspiring examples of successful environmental projects, including Alena Maslova's eco-art projects. Participants gained valuable insights from these case studies, learning from real-life examples of effective project implementation and community engagement.


The workshop fostered a collaborative learning environment, allowing participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and receive feedback from experts. The diverse perspectives and experiences of the speakers and participants enriched the learning experience and encouraged innovative thinking.


The "Eco-activism: How to Create an Environmental Project and Implement It" workshop was a resounding success, providing participants with valuable knowledge, practical skills, and inspiration to make a positive impact on the environment. The workshop highlighted the importance of collaboration, creativity, and community engagement in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable development. As participants left the workshop, they were equipped with the tools and motivation to embark on their own environmental projects and contribute to a greener future.








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