ICP Faculty Members actively participate in academic and professional activities.

ICP Faculty Members actively participate in academic and professional activities.

December 1, 2023



On September 25-26, 2023, Dr. Nargiza Muratalieva participated in the International Seminar entitled ‘’Central Asia after the War in Ukraine” in Warsaw, Poland that was organized by “The Opportunity – Institute for Foreign Affairs” and the monthly magazine ‘’Układ Sil.” The event was held in the form of panel discussions with the participation of political scientists, journalists, and activists from Central Asian countries, who had the opportunity to exchange views and experience with Polish experts specializing in the post-Soviet area. During the event, experts discussed how European and Central Asian countries should take to prevent future conflicts. As a result, the meeting was aimed at building bridges and strengthening relations between experts from Central Asia and Europe.



On October 11-13, 2023, Dr. Nargiza Muratalieva took part in a Sixth Central Asian Expert Forum entitled “Central Asia: Features of Interaction”, held by the National Institute for
Strategic Studies (Kyrgyzstan) and the UN Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA). During the Forum, experts discussed the future of the region and tried to develop recommendations, which are useful for the next Consultative Meeting of the heads of Central Asian states.


On October 15-17, 2023, Dr. Nargiza Muratalieva also participated in the 27th Annual Forum 2000 Conference “For a Democratic World Order”, held in Prague. The discussions at the
conference explored the democracy and human rights developments around the world, the war in Ukraine, the rise of authoritarianism and illiberalism, the competition for global tech dominance, the global cooperation of democracies, and the role of civil society, among other topics and specific themes. Dr. Muratalieva's plenary session was about the implications of Chinese soft power in Central Asia arranged by the Prague Civil Society Center. Among the prominent participants were: the President of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu, the President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel, and the CEO of NED Damon Wilson.


On October 27 - November 04, 2023, Dr. Görkem Atsungur visited Penn State University in Pennsylvania, the U.S. to discuss further collaboration with the Center for Global Studies and the School of International Affairs. Dr. Atsungur, furthermore, delivered a public lecture on ‘’Change and Continuity in Turkish Foreign Policy in the Erdoğan Presidency (2003-2023): The Case of Afghanistan’’. The first part of Dr. Atsungur’s lecture focused on the key determinants of Turkish Foreign Policy (TFP) during the Justice and Development Party (JDP). The second part of the lecture demonstrated the change and continuity of TFP in the specific example of Afghanistan and answered the following questions: (1) What does NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan mean for Türkiye and how does Türkiye respond to the Taliban take-over?




On November 20, 2023, as a Co-chair of the Political Science Association’s (PSA) Turkish Politics Specialists Group, Dr. Buğra Güngör attended the Greek Politics and Turkish Politics Specialist Groups virtual roundtable and he discussed the domestic and international dynamics of the post-electoral context in Türkiye. Dr. Güngör shared his observation of Turkish politics at the domestic level and post-election period in Türkiye and analyzed the events such as competing nationalism(s) in the post-election environment since May 2023. The virtual round table can be found at the following address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7Y-YjafPTc



During the Fall 2023 semester, the International and Comparative Politics Department faculty members actively take part in professional activities to enrich their professional experience and knowledge, enlarge the network of professional activities and further collaborations with European and American institutions, and bring new opportunities for the AUCA students and faculty by providing a high level of quality in teaching and research in the fields of Political Science and International Relations.


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