Workshop on Personal Digital Fabrication

Workshop on Personal Digital Fabrication

November 21, 2023

AUCA recently had the privilege of hosting a series of guest lectures by visiting scholars from Moscow. The lectures focused on the fascinating world of personal digital fabrication and its potential to create almost anything with limited resources. Divided into three parts, the lectures covered topics such as Personal Digital Fabrication and making FunBots, while also showcasing an exhibition highlighting the power of 3D printing. The event attracted a diverse audience, including students, faculty, and staff.
The first part of the lecture series delved into the concept of personal digital fabrication. Vladimir Kuznetsov, founder & manager of FAB LAB Moscow, introduced attendees to various tools and techniques that enable individuals to create objects using limited resources. They emphasized how digital fabrication technologies have revolutionized traditional manufacturing processes by making them accessible to a wider audience. Attendees were introduced to cutting-edge tools like 3D printers and laser cutters that enable users to transform digital designs into physical objects.
In addition to the lectures, an exhibition was organized alongside the event that showcased 3D models. The exhibition featured various items created through personal digital fabrication methods – from artistic sculptures to functional prototypes.
The final part of the lecture series focused on the FunBots workshop – attendees could create their car on the remote control with their own hands!

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