Empowering Youth: AUCA Successfully Hosted Strengthening Youth-led Family Planning Event

Empowering Youth: AUCA Successfully Hosted Strengthening Youth-led Family Planning Event

November 10, 2023


On October 30, AUCA proudly announced the successful hosting of the Strengthening Youth-led Family Planning Event, a pivotal occasion within the framework of the UNFPA-Kyrgyzstan project. This creative and educational initiative aimed to address crucial issues related to family planning and reproductive health among young people, particularly within the university community.


The event featured a vibrant blend of informative sessions, quizzes, workshops, and contests, providing young participants a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of family planning and reproductive health. The engagement of influencers, including renowned bloggers Aiperi and Emil Turusbekov, Darika Ibraimova, Aiym Aiylchieva and Meerim Tabaldieva, added an exciting dimension to the initiative, fostering a dynamic atmosphere that facilitated learning.


Key experts who contributed to the event included Nurgul Smankulova, a specialist in sexual and reproductive health from UNFPA, and Uluk Batyrgaliev, an international trainer-consultant on sexual and reproductive health. Their expertise undoubtedly enriched the informative sessions and workshops, providing valuable insights for the participants.


The event's agenda was packed with opportunities for engagement. Participants had the chance to partake in interactive workshops and meaningful discussions with top experts and influencers in the field of reproductive health and family planning. Quizzes tested their knowledge, and a contest with enticing prizes added an element of excitement to the learning experience.


Organized through a collaboration between AUCA's Development Office and UNFPA Kyrgyzstan, this event exemplified the power of partnerships in addressing critical issues affecting the youth. By bringing together academia, influencers, and experts, the initiative created a comprehensive and inclusive platform for dialogue and education.


Participants were encouraged to come prepared not only to learn but also to actively engage in the discussions, ask questions, and make the most of this fascinating opportunity. The Strengthening Youth-led Family Planning Event marked a milestone in promoting awareness and understanding of reproductive health among the youth, fostering a generation that is well-informed and empowered to make responsible choices for their future.





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