Interview with Chyngyz Shamshiev

Interview with Chyngyz Shamshiev

April 27, 2023

Interview with Chyngyz Shamshiev, AUCA Vice-President and Head of the “Makerspace AUCA” project, during the laying of a time capsule in the building of the Makerspace Learning and Design Center.
«We have begun construction of the Makerspace Learning and Design Building, which is a very important project for the development of youth, students, and entrepreneurship in our country and the region as a whole.
AUCA’s mission is the development of education and providing an education to the younger population in Central Asia so that they can contribute to the success and prosperity of our region and our country. Makerspace isn’t intended only for AUCA students, it will be open to all. AUCA aims to make education as accessible as possible for people, including those who don’t have the financial resources to receive a quality education.», - Chyngyz Shamshiev.

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