AUCA has launched a project on separate waste collection - Green AUCA!

AUCA has launched a project on separate waste collection - Green AUCA!

March 7, 2022





The aim of the project is to improve the waste management system at the university by introducing separate collection and delivery of waste to recycling organizations in Bishkek. At the 1st stage, AUCA has already begun to collect 3 types of waste separately for recycling - waste paper, plastic and electronic waste (waste from computer and office equipment). At the end of March, it's planned to hand over the first collected waste for recycling.

The project is implemented by the Center for the Study of the Environment and Development (CED) together with the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) and Physical Plant Department (PPD).


"Our center believes that these efforts will lead to more sustainable consumption in our community. We are planning further development of this initiative into a long-term activity with the support of dedicated AUCA members and partners. Therefore, we ask you to join us and become a part of the "Green AUCA"!", says Nurzhamal Karamoldoeva, Executive Director of the CCE.

"Unfortunately, at the moment most of the household garbage in our country is not recycled. And we can't fundamentally change the situation with garbage yet, but we can start to change the situation for the better and help in practice here at AUCA. And to start with a small step is to collect paper, plastic, and waste from computer/office equipment separately at the university because this is also our common home, where we spend a lot of time every day. And then hand over for recycling what can be recycled in Kyrgyzstan," says Margarita Lazutkina, coordinator of the Green AUCA project, PR specialist of the CED.

Based on the results of the initial waste analysis at AUCA, as well as conversations with environmentalists and waste processors in Kyrgyzstan, it became clear that it is necessary to use the existing boxes for separate waste collection in a slightly different way on the AUCA campus.

*** Wasted office paper, as well as newspapers, old books should be put in a large cardboard box "PAPER WASTE" next to printers near the technical support office / IT Support on the 2nd floor (room 242).


*** Plastic bottles must be put in red boxes marked "ONLY for plastic bottles" (they stand on all 4 floors).

*** The yellow boxes, where the “Food" sign used to be, and the green boxes are now designed to collect general garbage, except for office paper, plastic bottles, and food leftovers – they now have a sign “Other Waste: ANY waste, EXCEPT FOR bottles, office paper, and food waste” (they still stand on all 4 floors).

  • Here you need to throw out all the waste that is not currently recyclable in Kyrgyzstan: used paper napkins; wet wipes; paper cups from tea/coffee; wrappers from chips / chocolates / ice cream; lids from coffee cups; tetra packs (packages from juices, milk, drinking yogurt); paper wrappers from sweets; chewing gum; receipts; photographs; foil; posters, brochures made of glossy paper.

*** Electronic waste must be put in a cardboard box marked “Electronic waste”, which is located next to ATMs opposite the technical support / IT Support office on the 2nd floor (room 242).


*** Batteries must be handed over to the office of the PPD (Physical Plant Department; office T14).

*** All food waste must be delivered to the Kitchenette in the dirty dishes reception unit.

We appeal to the AUCA community: join this initiative and help us confirm and strengthen the status of AUCA as a "green university" and the leader of the educational sphere of Kyrgyzstan!

You can also look below and download brief instructions on what types of waste are being processed in Kyrgyzstan at the moment, and which are not, and how to properly collect and recycle paper, plastic, electronic waste:





 This project is being implemented as part of the Pilot Program "Improving the efficiency of the waste collection and processing system in the Kyrgyz Republic - WasteNet.Kg, implemented by the Agency "CSR Central Asia" with the support of the International Fund "The Coca-Cola Foundation". This publication does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Pilot Project "WasteNet.Kg ".

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