Happy Kyrgyz Language Day: WARC Kyrgyz Language Tutorials Launch Second Season

Happy Kyrgyz Language Day: WARC Kyrgyz Language Tutorials Launch Second Season

September 23, 2020

Today, September 23, as Kyrgyzstan celebrates the Kyrgyz Language Day, AUCA’s Writing and Academic Resource Center (WARC) is glad to announce that its WARC Kyrgyz Language Tutorials––free videos that provide instruction in Kyrgyz vocabulary and grammar––have returned for a second semester of filming. New episodes are posted each week on the WARC’s YouTube channel

The first video of the semester, on the topic of the ablative case, was released last week. Video topics were chosen in consultation with Kyrgyz language professors in order to best prepare students for the upcoming state-mandated Kyrgyz Language and Literature exams.

Quarantine conditions have necessitated changes to the videos’ format––the campus’s closure means that it is no longer possible to access the AUCA recording studio. However, the video team was able to adjust their working methods in order to keep producing videos while also staying safe.

This semester, Nurbolot Azamatov is the tutorials’ writer and presenter, and Nursultan Shermambetov has returned as the editor and videographer of the series. WARC Management Team members Mariya Antonova and Erica Eisen provide feedback and guidance on the scripts.

In addition to presenting the Kyrgyz Language Tutorials, Nurbolot is also a Kyrgyz Language tutor at the WARC. To book a free, one-on-one session with Nurbolot, simply log into the WARC’s online booking platform using your AUCA account information.

It is WARC’s privilege to contribute to spreading the knowledge of the Kyrgyz language both at AUCA and among its viewers all over the world. 

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