AUCA: Bright future for bright students! Kamila Ulanbekova

AUCA: Bright future for bright students! Kamila Ulanbekova

August 4, 2020

Every day we receive many messages from our applicants that they would like to study at AUCA, but this is not possible for them due to financial issues. And our "Golden" students are proof that the impossible is possible if you strive to achieve a goal. Kamila Ulanbekova received a gold certificate for Kyrgyz statewide testing (ORT) and will study Software Engineering at AUCA with a 100% discount. Camila told us how she did it.

"Hello, I'm Kamila Ulanbekova, a graduate of the Republican Kyrgyz-Turkish Anadolu Lyceum and holder of the gold certificate in 2020. Getting a certificate with honors is not an easy task. That's what I thought before, and I still think so now. My parents have an average income having four children in the family. I've started to think about prospects and admission to the university since 10th grade. I had thoughts about applying abroad, as it is no secret that the quality of education there is higher. But with the level of English that I had at that time, as well as with early deadlines that were very difficult to meet, I decided to study in Kyrgyzstan and improve my level of language proficiency.
My choice suddenly fell on AUCA, because this university is the most prestigious. The courses are taught in English, and graduates receive Kyrgyz and American diplomas. There are many student exchange programs, as well as a beautiful building, which I immediately fell in love with the university.
I was looking for ways to study for free because I didn't want to "strain" my parents with high fees. I wanted to make sure that my younger brothers have more opportunities when they enter university. After reviewing many options, I decided to stop at the gold certificate, which became was my main goal. For the past two months, I have been preparing hard for ORT statewide testing. I didn't take the paid course because I was confident about my willingness to do better on my own. My previous knowledge and skills developed over 11 years also helped me a lot. Of course, I was distracted and lazy a lot, watching anime and drawing. Anyway, I tried to find time and energy not only for studying but also for hobbies and recreation. On the day of the ORT testing, I was not worried at all, I was probably confident in my abilities after passing and working out all the available trial tests. When I received my results, I couldn't hold back my tears. It was the day I was looking forward to coming.

My original goal was to get into AUCA, so I passed all the internal exams in advance and submitted my documents. I became part of this incredible family. And I believe that AUCA will help me achieve further goals and give me an unforgettable experience over the four years of study.

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