Master of Arts in Teaching [Video]

Master of Arts in Teaching [Video]

July 30, 2020

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) – Central Asia’s only dual-degree graduate program in teacher education, offering Master’s Degrees from Bard College, New York, and the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education.

The goal of the AUCA MAT program is to implement a globally-oriented pedagogical development program in Central Asia, which includes science-based and practice-oriented learning, whose graduates will play an important role in the development of a new generation of citizens in the Kyrgyz Republic and in Central Asia in general, with active citizenship and global values.

Learning outcomes

- The ability to master profound knowledge and skills in the field of education, critically evaluate cognitive and socio-emotional learning, implement research methods and results, integrate information from various fields of knowledge, and use innovative approaches in their professional activities.

- The ability to use research skills, conduct research, and analyse actions to solve specific problems in the process of teaching their students to develop their intellectual and creative potential.

- The ability to use skills to analyze the unique needs of students in different socio – cultural contexts and critically reflect on the effectiveness of their differentiated learning strategies.

- The ability to problematize and evaluate the cognitive, social-emotional, and metacognitive aspects of learning to create optimal conditions for the development of ethical citizens of the whole world.

- The ability to design and cultivate learning as a joint professional activity through mutual learning, co-mentoring, development of design skills, and coordination of the processes and components of training and scientific research.

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