#online_learning_experience. Erlan Osmongaziev's comment

#online_learning_experience. Erlan Osmongaziev's comment

May 20, 2020

What makes our university so unique? Of course, AUCA's impressive vibe! A feeling that makes our students and alumni come back and feel home at all times.
Unfortunately, we all have to keep a distance from our beloved campus, peers, colleagues, and Kitchenette food. But hopefully, the global situation with the COVID-19 pandemic will get better soon. So until then, stay healthy at home and read Erlan Osmongaziev's comment on distance learning:

"At first, I was excited by online education. You can literally wake up ten minutes before a class starts, especially if you have a class at 8 AM. You do not have to use those overcrowded trolleybuses to commute from home to university. Especially, if you live far from AUCA. It usually takes me an hour to get from home to AUCA. Online education saves a lot of time. Now, I get more hours of sleep per day than I used to. The quality of education did not become poorer. Some professors increased the amount of homework due to the lack of real in-class-interaction with students. Professors at AUCA did a great job adapting their syllabi for online education.
However, my joy from online education did not last long. University life is not only about lectures and classes. One of the essential parts of our lives is real-life communication with other people. If you enter the AUCA building, an unknown magical power in the air would make you happy. I do not know how to explain it in words but anybody who has ever visited AUCA knows it. AUCA community creates this power. Students, professors, and university staff create this atmosphere. I do not feel the unique university atmosphere at home. Although knowledge and information that you get during the online classes are the same that you would get during the lecture in an auditorium, the in-class atmosphere is different. I would like to thank Professor Konstants because she is one of the few professors who managed to recreate the real-lecture atmosphere online.
Of course, in times of pandemic, online education is the only way to conduct lectures and give knowledge to students. However, if I were given an option to choose between real-life face-to-face classes or online education, I would definitely choose the first option."

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