AUCA undergraduate programs: Applied Mathematics and Informatics

AUCA undergraduate programs: Applied Mathematics and Informatics

May 20, 2020

Google runs on math. Finance and banking run on math. The digital world is math. Galileo Galilei even said that nature itself formulates its laws from the language of mathematics. The Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics will give you the tools that you need to understand the complex systems that run the world and build the systems that will run the 21st century.

Once you enter the Applied Mathematics and Informatics program, you will study Mathematical models, financial markets, assessment of banking and insurance risks, and management of large systems.

You will be able to analyze and build models that describe the world around us. Employers such as the National Statistics Office, international banks and investment firms, IT and software development firms, and many others will compete to have your level of mathematics and English. You will be able to work in many different industries, to be involved in interdisciplinary projects, and the demand for the skills you acquire will never diminish.

Mathematical modeling is a new program at AUCA but has served well those who have studied it seriously in the past. Former directors of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ulan Sarbanov and Bakytgul Jeenbaeva, both studied mathematical modeling. Besides Murat Shaimkulov, Kuvat Kanimetiov, and Jetigen Bakirov are all in positions of influence in the government. Finally, AUCA graduate Tilek Mamutov, who has a mathematical background through Software Engineering, is currently an employee for Google in Europe.

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