AUCA undergraduate programs: European Studies

AUCA undergraduate programs: European Studies

May 19, 2020

European Studies is a program to prepare specialists in the field of European politics, society, history, and culture. The course program is designed to introduce students to European norms and values ​​for their further promotion in Central Asia.

European Studies is a special in teaching European foreign languages like German, Spanish and French and disciplines in these languages such as History of the European Region, Intercultural Communication, Regional European Literature, Comparative Analysis of European and Asian Values, Ecological Tourism, and Second language for Tourist Purposes. Language courses are designed according to the EUROPASS requirements.

The curriculum includes disciplines aimed at developing special skills such as critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis of information; application of methods of qualitative analysis of the information; willingness to make decisions and be a leader in a social group of people; preparation for practical activities is already in the learning process, which makes the process not only theoretical. All ES courses are structured following European rules and curriculum.

European Studies students can participate in different exchange programs in BARD US, Canada, Asia, and Europe as every AUCA student. But there are two exchange programs focused on European Studies students as SciencePo Reims in France, and Tubingen University in Germany.

Graduates of ES department enter the Master's program of European universities, become successful specialists in various European and international organizations, and work as consultants on intercultural communication, journalists, guides and translators.

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