Dialogue on the effective development of state-owned enterprises

Dialogue on the effective development of state-owned enterprises

September 27, 2019


A conference-seminar is being held in Bishkek for heads of state bodies from Central Asian countries responsible for managing state-owned enterprises and public-private partnership enterprises. The conference dedicated to the discussion of reform in the field of effective management of state enterprises will last two days, between September 26-27.

The event was organized by Asian Development Bank ADB, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), and Central Asian Institute for Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) in cooperation with AUCA.

Civil servants, representatives of the academic community, international organizations from 15 countries of the world - Central Asian countries (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan), as well as China, Afghanistan, India, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea attended the event.

State-owned enterprises have some competitive advantages over private organizations, create many jobs, and able to bring substantial profit to the state treasury. However, their weak and ineffective management often leads to reduced productivity.

Seminar participants shared with each other knowledge and best practices in the field of creation and management of public-private partnership enterprises; solutions that have increased the productivity of state-owned enterprises, as well as pressing problems in managing state-owned enterprises, with a legislative base and regulatory documents in their countries, to strengthen the independence, transparency and accountability of state-owned enterprises.

“State-owned enterprises are important for Central Asia because of the effective development of Central Asian states. At the moment, the reform of the management of state-owned enterprises is relevant for us,” said Chingiz Shamshiev, AUCA Vice President.