Team “Blender” – Winner of AUCA Campus Design Ideas Competition!

Team “Blender” – Winner of AUCA Campus Design Ideas Competition!

June 10, 2019

On May 31, 2019 finalists of AUCA Campus Design Ideas Competition - teams “Blender” (Altynai Esenalieva, SOC-117; Isa Zhanbolot uulu, SFW-116; Rasym Maratova, ECO-117) and “Natural and Environmental Campus Design” (Mohammad Homayoon Sarwari, JOUR-118; Soheila Noori, ECO-117; Taiba Atiffi, PSY-117) - presented their final design ideas to the members of AUCA Board of Trustees.

For a month, each team attended classes on landscape design lead by professional architects and simultaneously worked to improve and create a final design idea for the university front yard. Their goal was to address the need of AUCA community and guests to be able to spend time outdoors in a way that allows them to meet, communicate and connect.

Both teams put a lot of effort in this competition and did an outstanding job creating their designs.

Team “Blender” proposed installing a chess board, flower bed benches with roof, alumni tree, an arbour, wave benches, flowerbed and solar panels, creative benches and tables. “Blender’s” design was exceptional because of its coherence with the design of the AUCA building and overall forethought.  

Team “Natural and Environmental Campus Design” proposed adding a green tunnel on the territory of the campus as well as wooden benches with stone, flowers, a coffee zone, and waterfalls. This team’s design was remarkable because of its diversity of ideas and abundant greenery proposed to be planted.