AUCA Student Senate and election candidates met with deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh

AUCA Student Senate and election candidates met with deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh

November 2, 2018

Student Senate(SS) members together with elections candidates had an informal meeting with one of the most active deputies of the Supreme Council (Jogorku Kenesh), Aida Kasymalieva in the lead-up to the SS elections.

Aida introduced her projects on women and children rights, bride kidnapping, health, and education issues. “Women has to be educated and have a job. It will help them to know and to defend own rights!”- claims Kasymalieva.

Therefore, current Senate members told about the structure, operation of SS and elections. So, Aida gave the following suggestions for election campaign:

-    First of all, your message has to be very short, strong and clear to everyone.

-    Negotiation process. It is always important to spend another 5 minutes talking with everyone about your plans and persuade people to work with you.

-    You always have to remember about the aim of why you are doing it.

Mira Dzhakshylykova (LAS-EMSD-2021) who is one of the SS elections candidates, sharing her impressions below: “The meeting with Jogorku Kenesh deputy was very informative. I learned about the main 3 duties, of our deputies, and other extracurricular activities, that helps to us. I was encouraged with her advice, according to our own Student Senate, and for now, I have more passion to be part of it.”

“I found the meeting productive both for the candidate and current senators. Aida Kasymalieva shared her inspirational story, from working in AUCA and to working with Aljazeera and BBC and becoming a member of the Kyrgyz Parliament. She also welcomed us to work with her as an intern. I think it would be a good privilege for us to work with such high-ranking authorities. The experience can come so handy for our future career goals” – tells Ashraf Saad (ICP-2020), Student Senate PR Committee member.

Abai Pamirov (BA-2020), Student Senate Social Committee member, shortly about the meeting, “On November 1, we had a meeting, with Deputy of Parliament Aida Kasymalieva. During the meeting we have discussed similarities and differences of work between AUCA senate and Kyrgyz Parliament senate. We’ve made an agreement to arrange a common project with Kyrgyz Department and also, our senators got an opportunity for the future to join Aida Kasymalieva’s team and work in Jogorku Kenesh”.

Aida Kasymalieva was born on August 7, 1984, in Osh. In 2005 she graduated from Journalism department, Bishkek Humanities University (БГУ). Aida is an author of the documentary films "On the Steep Pass of History", "Erte ketken turnalar", "Moskvada kalgan yi". In 2017 she became a deputy of the sixth convocation of the Jogorku Kenesh.

By the end of the meeting, students invited Aida to the official Initiation ceremony. Deputy said, “I appreciate AUCA so much, hopefully, current candidates and Senate members will be not only leading the university, but also the country in future”.

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