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American University of Central Asia - AUCA - Organizing Committee
Modernizing Curriculum towards the Goals of UN SDGs for Central Asian Universities – Climate Action and Sustainability Development

Organizing Committee


The workshop is made possible by the Central Asia University Partnerships Program (UniCEN), which is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan, and administered by the American Councils for International Education

U.S. Partners


Dr. Wei Fang (PI)

Pace University. Ecology and GIS


Dr. Wei Fang is an Assistant Professor at Pace University. She is interested in ecosystem responses to climate change and habitat degradation. She has extensive teaching and mentoring experiences, including courses of ecology, applied ecology and conservation biology, GIS and biostatistics. She will build inquiry-based curriculums and train junior faculty with cultural sensitivity and interdisciplinary thinking.



Dr. Jiquan Chen

Michigan State University. Land Cover and Land Use Science

Dr. Jiquan Chen is a Professor at Michigan State University (MSU). He is a leading scientist in landscape ecology & ecosystem science, aiming to address the sustainability of different ecosystems at landscape-region-global scales. He is a fellow of Ecological Society of America (ESA) and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Dr. Chen teaches landscape ecology, conservation biology, forest ecology, ecological modeling, coupled human and natural systems, environmental biophysics, and scientific methods.


Dr. Jessica Gurevitch

Stony Brook University. Research Design


Dr. Jessica Gurevitch is Distinguish Professor and Co-Chair of the Department of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University (SBU). She is a fellow of ESA and AAAS. She has extensive research and teaching experience for 36 years in plant ecology, statistical applications in ecology, research synthesis and meta-analysis, and ecology and climate intervention.






Dr. Peilei Fan
Michigan State University. Sustainable Development

Dr. Peilei Fan is a Professor and interim director of Center for Global Change and Earth Observations at MSU. Funded by NASA and NSF, her research focuses on urban environment and sustainability, innovation and economic development, and planning and policy. She teaches urban sustainability and
climate change, concepts and issues of planning and development, land use planning, regional economy, and innovation and catching-up.


Dr. Peter M. Groffman
CUNY Brooklyn College. Climate Chance Science

Dr. Peter M. Groffman is a Professor at CUNY Advanced Science Research Center and Brooklyn College, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. His research focuses on climate effects on ecosystem biogeochemical processes related to carbon and nitrogen cycles. He was a lead author for the Second (Wetlands) and Third (North America) IPCC Assessment Reports among the world's top 1,000 climate scientists.


Dr. George Hendrey
CUNY Queens College. Applied Ecology and Adaptation

Dr. George Hendrey is Distinguished Professor at CUNY Queens College. He envisioned and led development of Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) technology at Brookhaven National Laboratory. His current research focuses on climate change and its effects on forests and the positive feedbacks accelerating global warming. His teaching emphasizes understanding Earth as a complex and dynamic system and perturbation of the system by human activity.




CA Partners


Dr. Zheenbek Kulenbekov

Dr. Zheenbek Kulenbekov is an Associate Professor and the Chair of Applied Geology, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Sciences Department, American University of Central Asia. He is our host at AUCA.

kulenbekov_z@auca.kg .


Dr. Saltanat Mambetova

Dr. Saltanat Mambetova is an Assistant Professor at University of Central Asia, Khorog, Tajikistan. Her research interests focus on climate change and croppathogen. 




Philippe Boizeau

Philippe Boizeau, Director of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Science program,

Head of Forest Park (Karagachevaia Rosha)






Dr. Maira Kussainova

Dr. Maira D. Kussainova is a Professor and Head of the Sustainable Agriculture Center at Kazakh National Agrarian Research University. Her research and academic curricula focus on agriculture, soil and ecosystem processes, conservation biology, and landscape ecology. She has prior experience coordinating UniCEN workshop.


Dr. Akylbek Chymyrov

Dr. Akylbek Chymyrov is the Head of Geodesy and Geoinformatics Department, Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture.





Dr. Bakhtiyor Karimov

Dr. Bakhtiyor Karimov is a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Water Resources Management, TIIAME. His research interests lie in the area of Aquatic Ecology, Agroecology, and Ecotoxicology.





Dr. Kamilya Kelgenbaeva

Dr. Kamilya Kelgenbaeva is the Deputy Director of Science, International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK). She also teaches ecology, GIS and scientific methods at IUK and Technical School of Innovation, American University of Central Asia.  kelkamilya@gmail.com.


Academician Prof. Dr. Asylbek Aidaraliev
Academician Aidaraliev chairs the Board of Trustees of Academic Consortium "International University of Kyrgyzstan" and is Head of the Mountain Working Group 2022 at Kyrgyz Government.  


Dr. Alim Pulatov

Dr. Alim Pulatov is a Professor and Head of EcoGIS Center at TIIAME, Executive Secretary of CASCADE with 19 members of leading Agricultural and Life Science universities of 8 countries in the CAS region. His center teaches Global Climate Change, Research Methods in Environmental Sciences, GIS, and Remote Sensing. alimpulatov@mail.ru.


Dr. Rashid Kulmatov

Dr. Rashid Kulmatov is a Professor at the National University of Uzbekistan. His research focuses on Aral Sea Catastrophe under climate change on the land-water resources  rashidkulmatov46@gmail.com.


Dr. Umbetali Sarsembin

Dr. Umbetali Sarsembin is a senior lecturer at K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University . He is funded by the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, Kazakhstan on integrated water resources use and conservation. He teaches Ecological Engineering, Industrial Ecology, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Soil Science. umbetali_s.k@mail.ru 


Ainur Kenbayeva
Ainur Kenbayeva a Senior Research Fellow of Scientific Research Center and a
PhD student at K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University. kenbayeva84@gmail.ru 





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