Maksad Donayorov

Software Engineering 2013

  1. Name / Department / Graduation year
    Maksad Donayorov / Software Engineering / 2013 

  2. What is the most interesting thing that you remember about being AUCA student?

It’s a bit hard to state a specific interesting entity that I remember about AUCA, since there were many of them, but relaying on the memories and happy time I could say that it was initiation ceremony where I participated during my freshman year. The highlights are about the people who were involved in that event and made it unforgettable.

  1. Tell us about your career path?

Taking into consideration my academic life in AUCA, my career path started in December 2009, when I started to work as a waiter in International Restaurant L'Azzurro. Unlike, the other students from Tajikistan who had financial support, I needed to work to cover my living expenses. After six months of experience as a waiter I finally was appointed be the host manager and subsequently got the administrator position of the mentioned restaurant, in addition to Café Eldon owned by the same owner. Despite the fact that I was studying software engineering, it took me three years to be involved in restaurant business.

When applying to software engineering I was not sure that it was a right direction for me, thus I tried different positions in various companies later on. After the restaurant I got a job as a PR manager and web developer at Decor-Profi Company, holding that position for about a year. 

After my graduation I was still on my journey of finding a right job as well as a direction that I could spend lifetime on. Consequently, I accepted the offer from the general director of Decor-Profi Company to be a Chief Executive Office of the company’s new branch in Astana. That step was a critical for me, since it would diversify my experience in the field that I graduated. Spending one year in Astana, I developed my organization management skills as well learning more about the internal structure of how company works, in addition to the goods import-export process and price policies on the market. Holding a CEO position for almost a year I decided that it’s not for me and I would like to return to software engineering environment. Therefore, I applied for a web developer position in Fast Monkeys Company in Espoo, Finland, that I found through AIESEC global organization’s platform. Currently, I am working as a full-stack developer in Fast Monkeys and can state that it is a job that I was looking for a long time.

  1. Favorite thing about your job?

My current job is full of surprises and wonderful people, who are willing to help and teach anytime if there is a need. The company that I am working in has a great-elaborated structure and policies for its employees, mainly, the freedom of speech, participation and flexibility.  Since software engineering is about cognitive ability, constant thinking and a sharp focus, creating a working atmosphere is significant and Fast Monkeys does it noticeably. Precisely, when it comes to traditional approach of management. The illustration can be argued by the idea that small things make big changes. To demonstrate, Fast Monkeys administration pay specific attention to small details such as an employee can enjoy video games during the work or do other chilling things.

  1. Do you plan to go back to your motherland and contribute to its development? Why is it important for you?

Since my motherland – Tajikistan is a new developing country it needs experts in almost all areas and information technology is one of them. My contribution on its developing can be a meaningful after being fully qualified the mentioned area. In fact, my nearest future plan is to apply for master degree in computer science and continue working in Fast Monkeys, despite the desire of entrepreneurship in my motherland.

  1. Happiest/proudest moment of your life?

Happiest moments were the first time I arrived to Bishkek and started to explore Kyrgyzstan. Specifically, orientation week was the most memorable and happy moment in AUCA life.

  1. What are some tips that you would like to share with current AUCA students?

There is no special tip that I may share with current AUCA student, but I would rather recommend a bestseller book by Josh Kaufman “The First 20 Hours. How to Learn Anything... Fast!” which can be significant for any student. The main reason to endorse the mentioned book is that it is simple and has an ordinary pattern to guide the reader, while keeping focus on the significant issues to be solved.

  1. What do you miss the most about AUCA?

There are lots of things that I missed about AUCA, but keeping it in the frame of academic life are conversations with professor Lance Tillman. He is one of the professors who impacted on my critical thinking and always had answers to my questions that most professors would just skip.

  1. What are the most important things you liked about AUCA?

The diversity and freedom.

  1. Your message to fellow classmates, alumni and professors

I would like to wish great luck for fellow classmates and confess that I missed alumni students with whom I studied. Finally, express my gratitude to all professors who contributed and facilitated me during my academic life. Specifically, FuMing, who played a significant role in my web development career; Dr. Karim Zerhouni, a professor who taught us to combine information technology and business world with the new approach of teaching, by motivating and guiding; professor Lance Tillman, who was always ready to help and spend his valuable time on advices and instructions; professor Makhinur Mamatova, who enlarged my knowledge and enhanced my interest about psychology with her unique approach of teaching; Dr. Skliar Sergey Nikolaevich for his patience in terms of teaching complex mathematical subjects and contribution; as well the entire software engineering department for support and instructing me during my education at AUCA. 


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