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Firuza Fynchina, Psychology '12

"My brief conclusion about my major: Psychology encourages you to be broad-minded."

"Studying Psychology at AUCA was one of the best times in my life. Such a valuable experience gained in different fields! My interests in psychology were changing in accordance with learning new theories and perspectives. I ended up being a humanist-existentialist not only in the framework of theory preferences, but in a way of living in this world.

I have huge plans for future. One of them is to get masters, however not certain about the field. I believe I have good qualities to become professional psychologist, but I have interest in the field of education as well. The thing is that my senior thesis was about phenomena that might influence the process of studying, such as burnout and academic procrastination. My senior project became a very neat and accomplished work; however I have to confess it took me quite a while to choose the topic and actually to start working on it. But at the end I won the award for best senior thesis and successfully presented it in front of Board of Trustees. The best thing about writing my thesis is that I figured out what are my real interests, and how I can actually apply my knowledge on practice.

As for now, I work at AUCA in Advising office and Writing and Academic Resource Center. So mostly I deal with students, helping them to achieve great academic success and stimulate critical thinking.

I am really thankful to our outstanding psychology department professors. All of them are amazing and without their guidance I would never realize “how deep the rabbit-hole goes”. My brief conclusion about my major: Psychology encourages you to be broad-minded."

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