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Dilnoza Rakhmatboeva, European Studies

"I plan to continue my studying and build career in political sphere"

You are a senior student of the European Studies department. Almost 4 years have passed since your entrance to the university. Tell us, please, do you regret your choice? Why AUCA?

I can’t believe that I’m already a senior student! Time flies! How can I regret the most important choice in my life? When I was studying in USA, I began to search for information about universities. Studying overseas and returning to motherland were my priorities. My residence near my parents was very important for me. I applied to universities in Kyrgyzstan, Poland, USA, and even in India! Eventually, me and my family chose American University of Central Asia. I think this is a great start of my life. Studying with my friends in international environment, meeting new people every day, opening own talents, attending all classes with pleasure – all of these are dreams of any student! Each day at AUCA – is a real holiday! And isn’t that what youth wants?

Tell us a little about your department. What new have you learnt? What did you get from this department?

My department is the best! Most careful faculty is working in our department! They came from different countries: Germany, Poland, France, Turkey, Italy, United States, and Kyrgyzstan – it is very important! They use modern education technologies, develop critical thinking skills, share their knowledge and experience, and create very friendly atmosphere. Our department is unique! We can select second foreign languages – German or French. After second academic year, student can speak second foreign language fluently. We have French club, every year our department organizes student research conference in philosophy, history, political science, linguistics, and culture.

Where do you want to work after graduating?

At the moment, I plan to continue my studying and to build career in political sphere. I want to emphasize that I received excellent knowledge in various areas like political sciences, economics, law, philosophy, history, culture, cross-cultural communication etc. But the value of knowledge consists not only of theory; but also practice. Knowledge and skills received in AUCA gave me the chance to complete my internship at several ministries of the Republic of Tajikistan, Counterpart International, and UNDP. It was a great opportunity to practice my foreign language skills with representatives of different cultures.

What perspectives students of the European Studies department have?

Relying on practice I can rightly say that interdisciplinary knowledge at out department promises to provide us with good vacancies and perspectives. The goal of European Studies is to prepare graduates to work in non-government or national organizations, on international level, mainly in Europe. NGOs, professional associations, public institutions, administrative organs can be also outstanding job places for graduates.

What countries of Europe do you want to visit? Why?

My childhood dream was to visit Berlin. That’s why I selected German as second foreign language. In my third year at AUCA, I visited number of cities of Germany and Belgium within the scope of educational trip. This trip helped me to see all theory on practice and to realize my childhood dream. Now I want to visit Spain (I want to improve my Spanish), France, Norway, Sweden, and, of course, Italy!

Tell us about your favorite courses of European Studies.

Each course in our department is filled with diligence of our professors; therefore, each course is unique! Our teachers include us in curriculums besides theoretical part, they give us the opportunity to participate in discussions and debates; they make every course rich and interactive.

How do you spend your free time?

I love reading very much! During 4 years of my life in Bishkek I have collected my little library. I’m so glad that I succeeded in participating in AUCA’s social life: in events like Initiation, Diversity Week, Drama Theater, and New Year Party for children.

Senior students are writing honor thesis. What is the subject of your thesis? Why did you select it?

“Perception of European Union Activities in Tajikistan by Tajik Government Officials” – this is subject of my senior thesis.
Due to I am a citizen of Tajikistan and a student of European Studies Department, I’ve decided to connect two significant spheres of my life to make a major contribution in development of relations between European Union and Tajikistan. My internship was in Dushanbe, where I worked with representatives of public structures and international organizations. It influenced on my senior thesis subject. Also I observed opinions about EU activities in Tajikistan.

What valuable advice can you give to the prospective students?

The future of our countries is in our hands. That’s why it is very important to be able to make right decision. I wish to all future entrants to be aware of desires in time, to select subjects rationally, to learn to manage time, and to participate in social life of university. AUCA became second home for me, these 4 years flied very fast! I will always remember student days, rises and falls, happy minutes, every teacher, light-hearted students… Value every minute in university, because I’m already missing it!

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