Chyngyz Jamankulov

Business Administration '02

A New Star in the Banking Sector

AUCA is proud of many of its brilliant graduates from all over the world, and every success story is precious and worthy of attention, because it is our extreme joy to see our students growing and pursuing great careers and achieving new heights. Chyngyz Jamankulov graduated summa cum laude in 2002, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in banking and finance. At the moment, Chyngyz is responsible for managing credit risk of retail lending products such as personal loans, credit cards and mortgages in his capacity as Head of PFS Credit at HSBC Bank. He joined the Royal Bank of Scotland (former ABN AMRO Bank) in 2007 in a lateral move to broaden his skills and areas of expertise after spending five years with Deloitte in internal control and audit advisory. Chyngyz recently became a part of HSBC Bank after it acquired the retail banking assets of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Kazakhstan. As any professional in his filed, he can be characterized as a serious, purposeful, hard-working person, and at the same time curious and fair.

His AUCA years were a special time for Chyngyz and he keeps fond memories of his friends and studies. He reminisces, “AUCA provided me with a solid academic foundation and a close circle of friends. Its excellent reputation helped me get a job at one of the best employers in the market. Unwavering adherence to its core values and its vibrant and inspiring culture make AUCA a special place. I will always remember an energetic and pleasant atmosphere that was always present in the corridors and cafeterias of the university.”

Chyngyz had the privilege of taking classes from many outstanding professors who shaped his thinking. In particularly he mentioned Tatiana Parfenova, an accounting professor, and Chinarbek Otunchiev, a visiting lecturer on capital markets. He is grateful to his professors for the example they were to him, of loving knowledge and being always willing to learn. Talking about being an AUCA alum now and what it means, he is sure that alumni can promote the AUCA brand through their personal successes, through passing their knowledge and experiences to students as visiting lecturers, or assisting them in job related or other queries. Last but not least, they can directly contribute to AUCA through participating in fundraising campaigns. Chyngyz believes it is vital to stay connected and be thankful in a practical way to the university.

When asked about success and how he would describe it, Chyngyz said that it is imperative to have a clear vision and work hard to make it happen. As for regrets in his life, he quoted a famous song “Regrets I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention…” Another component of this successful entrepreneur is to live with the maxim that each day he should learn something new. This is his biggest motivation. If some free time is there, he is a keen supporter of Arsenal and always enjoys a chance to watch a good football game. He also likes taking long walks and having deep conversations with his wife. Family and friends are important for Chyngyz and he highly values close relationships with them.

Speaking about his plans for future, our hero says: “I plan, in the short run, to continue to work in retail banking in Kazakhstan and, possibly, in other countries. In the long run, I would like to return to Kyrgyzstan and apply my experience in risk management in my home country.”


by Aliona Kim

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