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Liberal Arts and Sciences


Your parents only want what is best for you. Choosing a major at university is an important decision, and one that impacts your life long after you graduate. Therefore it is important to listen to your parents when deciding what to study. But what if you are unsure about what you want to do for the rest of your life? What if you do not want to decide now, but want to get some experience of your own, and then make a better decision?

AUCA has designed its Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) department just for you. LAS gives you the freedom and flexibility to experiment and experience all AUCA has to offer. As a student you will take a wide variety of courses over your first three semesters, and only after this decide what your major will be. Furthermore, you will be able to choose from traditional AUCA programs, as well as an entire set of new and innovative curricula designed to take advantage of the flexible LAS model.

LAS program is the American University of Central Asia’s first interdisciplinary English-taught undergraduate program. This unique program offers the breadth of a liberal arts education and the depth of specialized knowledge in the chosen concentration. The program focuses on various disciplines within the Social Sciences and Humanities. It aims to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to make citizens of the 21st century successful in both personal development and professional careers. The program affords the great flexibility to structure your own studies while providing students with solid preparation for a future study at AUCA.

* Provide understanding of various perspectives on challenges to contemporary society;
* Teach for smarter, broader and interdisciplinary solutions;
* Teach to independently conduct scientific and academic researches;
* Develop sufficient background in Humanities or Social Science disciplines;
* Develop necessary skills and knowledge needed to think critically and employ creative problem‐solving strategies.

 Flexibility – Choose your program when you are ready
 21st Century Education – Multidisciplinary programs that prepare you for the real world
 Same Outstanding AUCA Quality – LAS students will learn from the same great professors, and earn the same Kyrgyz State and Bard diplomas upon graduation.

Division of General Education

The Division of General Education provides a Liberal Arts foundation for all students at AUCA. Our courses and requirements are designed to create the opportunity for AUCA students to become familiar with the richness and diversity of various academic disciplines, especially those that go beyond their own major fields of study. In this regard, the General Education Division strives to broaden each student’s intellectual life and set AUCA graduates on the path toward becoming well-educated, productive members of society. We offer courses that are an integral part of each student’s overall educational experience, covering disciplines such as Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts, Languages, and even Sports. By offering courses in each of these fields, we hope to ensure that all AUCA students are given the Liberal Arts foundation they will need to be successful both professionally and personally, setting standards of excellence in several fields of study. General Education at AUCA is not just a set of requirements that each student must fulfill; it is the cornerstone and common measure for all academics here at AUCA.

Applied Geology

The mission of the AUCA’s Applied Geology Department is to educate a new generation of geologists to meet the current and future demands of the mining industry. Through our relationship with Bard College, we prepare students to be highly qualified geologists both in Central Asia and abroad. Applied Geology looks specifically at how geological issues affect the lives of human beings, studying the effects of naturally-occurring geological hazards (landslides and volcanic eruptions) as well as problems of environmental sustainability (waste management, groundwater contamination, etc.). Additionally, our program looks at how to manage and access natural resources, such as petroleum and minerals.

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