Mission and outcomes of the program

The Program pursues the following tasks:

  • recruitment of graduates with higher professional education degrees (involving additional entrance examinations in English and interviews);

  • development of an educational program that meets the demands of domestic and international labor markets with an objective to advance general scientific and research professional competencies of students in international and business law;

  • employment of qualified foreign teachers and teachers with international degrees and support for continuous professional development of faculty on the basis of the University’s dual degree program;

  • systematic curriculum renewal and revision of learning outcomes with involvement of stakeholders and partners, introduction of new courses aimed at developing professional, research, and academic skills;

  • updating of educational and methodological materials on a regular basis with the use of innovative methods and educational technologies (electronic courses, electronic library, etc.);

  • implementation of the principle of student-centered learning by providing flexible learning opportunities and individual learning pathways with reliance on regular feedback and by developing engaged student learning through partnership with students in learning and teaching;

  • internationalization of the program via conclusion of international agreements on academic collaboration with universities and various organizations (student and teacher exchange programs, joint training programs, and summer schools);

  • regular cooperation with state authorities, non-governmental entities, commercial organizations and foreign universities with respect to student internships in order to evaluate the achievement of learning outcomes;

  • students’ participation in research projects that are aimed at developing legal culture and advancing the rule of law and which involve non-governmental organizations and state bodies.


LL.M. Program Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the LL.M. program should have the following competencies:

1) be able to generalize and analyze information critically which is the basis for independent learning and application of new knowledge and skills;

2) be fluent in a foreign language at the level of professional communication, have strong oral and written communication skills and be advanced computer users;

3) apply professional judgment, perform quality legal analysis, conduct legal research and solve legal problems using advanced methods and technologies, be able to develop new original ideas in the professional sphere;

4) draft and interpret normative legal acts, carry out legal expertise of drafts of normative legal acts, serve as experts and consultants, provide qualified legal opinions in various fields of law;

5) teach legal disciplines at a high theoretical and methodological level with reliance on international best practice, use of online resources and application of the latest forms and methods of teaching;

6) demonstrate leadership qualities, active citizenship, take initiatives and implement projects aimed at advancing a welfare state.

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