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Alibek Ismankulov

Business Administration 105


Alibek Ismankulov, BA-105 graduate, President of Alumni Council. CEO at "OptiCo Group", "SVG" Ltd., and CFO at "Eye Microsurgery Hospital". 


Why have you decided to join AUCA Alumni Council?

I believe in giving back - to people who helped raise you, to society, to you alma mater. Active participation in the work of Alumni Office of AUCA is my chance to give back to the institution where I have spent four happy years. Also, this way I can ensure that my kids will have a good university to go to in future.


What motivates you in your life both personal and professional?

My motivation in personal and professional life is overcoming challenging opportunities and making the world a little bit better by putting my skills and talents to the best use of the society. I also love meeting new people and making friends.


As a member of the AUCA Alumni Council, how do you see the role of alumni in supporting AUCA?

Alumni are the most important part of the AUCA legacy to the society - honest and active professionals who will change the future of Kyrgyzstan to the better. Alumni Council is a team of active alumni who help bring other alumni together, participate in university life, and have a chance to give back.


What role did AUCA play in your life?

AUCA was a turning point in my life. There I have met my friends, gained mentors and great teachers, and learned a lot. It has also helped me to grow as a person.


What would you say to the AUCA alumni if you were to address them in a speech?

Don't forget your alma mater. Remember where you have spent four happy years, met your friends, and became a person. Actively participate and give back to your university!

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