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Olga Tarabashkina

Journalism and Mass Communications '06

What is your main occupation at the moment? Is it the place you wanted to be or are you still on the way to your desired goal?

I am a yoga teacher, I teach many different styles, but my favorite and closest to my heart is Kundalini yoga. I feel like I have been teaching yoga all my life, and this is how my students and friends feel. This is who I am and this is what I love doing.  It fills my life with the deepest sense of purpose. Dreams comes true, yet we don’t know what we dream about most of the time. Dreams just happen and you have to follow your gut feeling and follow the journey, stay open and see what wonders about yourself will be revealed to you.

I always wanted to work with people and help people, now I have the technology (Kundalini yoga and others), passion and enthusiasm to do that. Because we are all here to help each other to realize why we are really here and what we came here to achieve. If you have not found your path yet, keep on searching, I am sure it is right around the corner.


What are your main achievements and why do you consider these to be important?

I went to India and did my teacher training there, and it was the most transformational experience of my life.  It is like you are given a second chance.  It is like you start to live life the way it is meant to be lived. I lived in the Himalayas for 2 months and it is beyond the most powerful place on planet Earth.

Writing a book about Kundalini yoga in Russian for a Russian audience is my other great achievement. I started the process in Lodnon,, where I live, and it was totally inspired by my work and private clients’ practice.

It is a book where I share all the practices and secrets (well, they no longer need to be secrets as everyone can benefit from them) of Kundalini yoga in order to achieve the fullest human potential we are all born with: 8 human talents (acceptance, creativity, determination, love, expression, intuition, un-limitedness and radiance). Discovering your multiple talents is easy as long as you are committed to the path of growth, self-love, and self-acceptance.


How do you understand leadership, and to your mind, who is a good leader?

A leader is conscious and without fear. A leader is the gift we all have, it is the power to see the picture, set the goals and realize your dreams. We are all leaders.  This talent sits within us, we are all born with. I write about this in my book, so I highly recommend you to get a copy as soon as it is out in print. You will start to see for who you really are.


What is a project that you have worked on that you are proud of and why?

I am in the final stages of finishing my first book dedicated to yoga technology, “The Secret Files: Your Talents.” It is a unique book that shares technology that can change your life if you follow it with commitment and enthusiasm. The book came about from my extensive yoga teaching experience in London and abroad. I was teaching a lot of workshops around chakras (from Sanskrit means “energy wheels” or seats of energy within us), human talents, empowerment, mental tools based on the teachings of Kundalini yoga.


Who are the people in your life who have given you most support, inspiration and guidance?

My first guru – my mother, Mila Tarabashkina, as she is very kind, wise and powerful lady. My teachers, all people that come to my life for various reasons – they are also my teachers. Every person you meet is the mirror that helps you to see yourself more clearly, to develop skills further and shed old habits. So, I get inspiration and guidance from everyone I meet.


What are your plans for the future?

I am in Bishkek for 4 months and I am going to teach Kundalini yoga here, train people who are interested in this technology, and share the ancient secrets to youth, health, happiness and nerves of steel via yogic technology. I want to launch my book shortly, so I cordially invite you to come and see me in person and learn more about yourself, who you really are and what you can achieve in this lifetime on this beautiful planet Earth. Love to all of you!


What would you wish to our readers?

Never give up on yourself. Never give up on trying. You are the perfect the way you are right now, so stop beating yourself and start loving yourself finally. This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about. Become who you are, follow your unique path and may your inner wisdom guide you.

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