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Erlan Moldoshev, IBL - 110

"AUCA gave me more than I expected"

Erlan Moldoshev is AUCA Alumnus of International and Business Law Department, 2014. During his education at AUCA, he practiced at the Legal Clinic of AUCA, which provides needy citizens with free legal counsel. Students, including Erlan are able to work on real civil and criminal cases there. After graduation, Erlan was accepted to MA course at two prestigious international universities.

Actually, I knew that I will continue my education after undergraduate studies, because a diploma of Bologna system standard is not enough for my major.

I think, MA program improves skills and gives deeper theoretical and practical knowledge than in Bachelor program.
At the moment, I’m in Moscow, because I’m enrolled into the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (HSE).

Making choice among enormous amount of universities around the world is not so easy. It is quite difficult, because a lot of time is required to search and choose a proper university with necessary specialization. Besides that, I had classes, home tasks and worked on my thesis.

First criterion for me is continuing my educational career in my major. I think man can’t be “ace” in all areas.

Second criterion is to get master degree solely somewhere overseas. It is not a secret that western education showed itself as the most attractive for students in whole world.

Thirdly, I followed advises of my friends, studying or studied in universities overseas. There were a lot of offers in favor of one or another university. I obtained first-hand information.

I chose HSE following advice of one of my friends, who already studied there 1 year. I heard many times that HSE is in the first tree of best universities in CIS countries and I absolutely don’t regret about applying to that university. Web search and comments about this university made me to apply. On February I sent a letter that I want to attend the exam for selection of applicants, which should be on March 16th in the building of Bishkek school #5.

I registered on the website of HSE and at appointed day I came to the written exam where erudition of students in jurisprudence was examined. Exam was quite difficult, as it included 3 stages: 1) test of 60 questions; 2) legal analysis of 18 paged text in English; 3) Solution of 2 tasks. At the end of April I received results where I was mentioned as “prize-winner” of the competition (there were also “winners”). “Prize-winners” are those whose score is not enough to receive to scholarship, but nonetheless were enrolled to university. It is required to pass the interview and submit all documents proving academic awards obtained in anytime for getting 100% discount for education payment. So, I obtained 100% discount (education payment was about 8000$ per year) and opportunity to live one of dormitories of Moscow almost for free.

But Moscow wasn’t my real dream, and in my 1 year in university I already decided to enter any European university. Search took much time, because actually European universities offer so many interesting MA programs, and choosing from this heap was too complicated.

Finally, my one of Swiss universities got the nod. It is University of Fribourg. Most attractive thing in this university was that they offered me MA program in my same major as at AUCA – International and Business Law.

Document submitting process took about 3 weeks, because besides IBT results they required at least 3 recommendation letters from practicing lawyers, and motivation letter of 2000 words on the subject why I want to study exactly in their university.

Commission complied with my request in 2 weeks and I was able to begin document submitting for Swiss visa. Actually, this job wasn’t easy. I never gathered too much documents: certificate of family income, bank statement that I have big account, transcript from university, birth certificate, filled declaration that I will come back to home country after my education, essay on subject of “why they should give me a visa?” and “why it is so important to obtain master degree exactly in Switzerland?”. Also I paid local tax for consideration of my request, local tax of Swiss canton and all of them are to be translated to French and submitted in 2 copies.

Document consideration process took more than 2 months. I want to be made sure and I departed to Moscow, where I was had to register for 1st semester. So, on September 10th, I learned that Migration Office of Switzerland approved my application and sent me a visa.

AUCA gave me more than I expected. I learned to manage my time. Mostly, students themselves motivated me. When you study in the group where everyone is always ready – it is a strong impetus. Nevertheless, western education differs from ours. We should recognize it. Education level in AUCA is good as much as it is possible in Kyrgyzstan and CIS region. I was completely satisfied with faculty and their theoretical knowledge.

After obtaining MA degree in Switzerland I will try to continue my education in HSE, thus I will get two MA degrees in two years (MA program in HSE lasts 2 years, but they promised me if I will meet some conditions they will accept me right away to second year of education).

I want to work strictly in private sector. I have my eyes on some private international companies suitable for my profession and I want to send my CV there. Time will tell what I should do.

Students must learn to arm themselves with patience. This is one of basic factors in entering to postgraduate studies. Also they must have a great wish and aspiration in same time. Use your time properly and rationally. You have all opportunities to be self-made and to show yourselves.

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