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Anatoliy Fedorenko, BA

"I strongly believe that Business as a social institution can improve the situation in the country, reduce poverty and also benefit the owner"

-Tell us please, why did you choose AUCA? And why Business Administration?

While researching about the universities in Kyrgyzstan, I was impressed by the values this university preserved compared to others and also the reputation it had as a corruption free university with highly developed student body. The decision was quick – to apply only here. I strongly believe that Business as a social institution can improve the situation in the country, reduce poverty and also benefit the owner. This is why I was curious about studying exactly business. It can teach you to manage your life in a way business does.

- Lots of students complain that BA is the most difficult department. Is it true? How you handle with all those homework, quizzes and researches?

The difficulty increases when you either are not motivated and eager to study or you have lots of projects to do. Every department is difficult, yet BA has its own difficulties which are designed especially for those, who would like to learn how money works, how business is made or how to manage people. These are special kinds of skills and not everybody is willing to deal with them.

- Tell us about your favorite classes from BA, why do you like it?

Marketing, Financial mathematics and also IT&IS. Marketing – for its professor Nils Koenig who was always in time, always confident and who really thought of how to better present the material to the students. Financial math – for its applicability and also because it teaches one of the most valuable language in the world – the language of money.

IT&IS – because this course introduced me to the huge field which was not familiar to me – Microsoft excel. Now I understand the full importance of the ability to work with excel doing my own projects.

-You were a SIFE President. Tell us a little about your projects, competitions? How SIFE helped your professional skills?

SIFE gave me 90% of my current resume and also a valuable network. Also it gave me a philosophy of how to behave and do the business. What kind of projects I should be striving to implement and how to run the business. Basically, most of the things I possess right now including projects, own start up, and even my fiancée I gained doing SIFE. This is why I am so grateful to the team and to all that supported me in these endeavors.

-Did you participate in any summer schools or trainings abroad?

The similar experience I have is the participation in the SIFE World Cup 2011 which was held in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I went there with the help of AUCA alumni and the experience gained I consider as one of the most valuable international experience I have. When I entered the room with 1500 students from 39 countries all aiming at doing business project for the society, my first thought was, - these are going to change the earth.

-What did your department give you?

The BA department gave my first of all those professors who are always willing to help me with the questions about study, projects, doing business or even self-management. Also there were opportunities for scholarship and applications for different programs which were

- Who do you want to be after graduation? In what field are you going to work?

After the graduation I would like to continue doing what I do right now - development of the social – business projects. Most probably my own business will be connected to media projects, yet talking about job position, I would like to work in the manufacture field and also in tourism which is currently rapidly develops in Kyrgyzstan.

- All BA students need to pass their internship as in other AUCA departments. What was your internship? What did you do? Was it interesting and helpful?

I am going to pass the internship in my own project which is a new media start up. I have a team which is currently working on it and later we will register the project as an official business entity which will gave me the opportunity to officially have it as an internship. Moreover, my thesis statement will also relate to this project. This is the good thing when you create the start up at the end of your university study.

-Your wishes and advises to future BA students

Just select the goals and do not skip them (develop the discipline). The knowledge is what matters. Writing notes will be one of the most valuable skills you ever need. Try to apply everything in real life – do the practice! BA is about everything, so try to get as much as possible (take classes from Russian department, Psychology, Law - they are all important and useful) Do the homework in the same day you received it, the more you postpone – the harder to start. Extra curriculums are awesome – do as much as you can – but learn to set priorities! Remember – reputation matters, so each time you work in the group do not betray others. Ask yourself after each class – what did I really learned? This will really show you where you money goes and what you really will use.

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