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Instructions for Faculty

Instructions for Faculty and Non-Student Researchers

All faculty and non-student researchers (such as research fellows) of AUCA conducting research involving human participants, must present their research project plan for review and approval by the Institutional Review Board prior to the start of the research. If you collect information from human participants through tests, questionnaires, interviews, written communication or using secondary information with participants’ identifiable information you must receive approval from AUCA IRB. All AUCA faculty and non-student researchers must have taken AUCA IRB training and received a passing grade prior to application.


Instructions for Faculty Supervising Student Thesis or Research Projects

Thesis Supervisors are responsible for getting approval for their student projects before the start of data collection. This includes the pilot testing of instruments or protocol if required. Together with the student, Thesis supervisors should prepare a research protocol along with supplementary materials and submit the application form on behalf of a student. While the student can be referred to as the principal investigator, the thesis supervisor will be referred to as the “Supervising Faculty” in the application and the informed consent form. The thesis supervisor will be responsible for the ethical research conduct of their thesis student(s) and will be required to indicate their undertaking of such responsibility in the application form. Where non-thesis research projects are carried out by students, Supervising Faculty is required in the project and their responsibilities are the same as described in the paragraph. Note: faculty are also expected to complete and submit proof of completion of ethics training.


How to receive approval from AUCA IRB?

  1. Determine whether the project is subject for the review process, if so, what type of review process it requires (i.e. Exempt from Full Review Application or Full Review Application)
  2. Complete online training and get a proof of completion and, if applicable, ensure that the student under your supervision completed the training. Save an electronic copy (screenshot) of your exam score in order to document that you’ve been through the training. Submit one proof with your proposal (e-mailed with your electronic submission). Be sure to keep one copy for your records.
  3. Follow the instructions for submission for Exempt from Full Review Application or Full Review Application and submit your application of all required documentation (e.g., consent form, participant recruitment advertisement, experimental stimulus, interview questions) in ms word document format in one single email to with the following subject line “New Application: Title of Project


When to submit for IRB Review?

IRB observes a monthly review schedule and reserves at least 15 business days to review your application and notify you about the result. You must ensure you have enough time before the deadline for your research project or senior thesis, no later than 1 month prior to your deadlines.


What if I was asked to submit additional materials or make modifications?

If you received a letter from the IRB suggesting revisions to your proposal, requesting additional information, or requesting supplemental materials, please revise your proposal as suggested and email your revisions and materials to in the following email subject line format “Follow-up: Title_of_Study (application number)”.

Once a project is approved, the content of the consent form and the experimental procedures should not be altered. If subsequent changes are necessary, an amendment must be filed specifying the changes. Approval for the changes must be received by the researcher before data collection can resume. To submit such a revision, email the revised protocol with changes highlighted and a cover letter explaining the general scope and rationale for the revisions.


I finished my research project. What should I do next?

Final reports must be submitted at the conclusion of the research project conducted with IRB Full Review Approval. This is not required for research that was approved under the category of exempt from full review.


What if I am late with my deadlines?

IRB Members have tight schedules and the review process requires at least 15 business days. Therefore, it is your responsibility to submit the research protocol along with supporting materials at least one month prior to your deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS can be made.


I have submitted my research project for review by the review window “Proposals Due” date. But have some missing documents or information. Will my application be considered as submitted on time?

No. Application form must be duly completed and all supporting documents must be submitted in one application by the deadlines. Please see above for instructions about the format for documents and email subject line. Not following the instructions will result in delay of your application.


Whom should I consult in case of questions?

You may always send an email to Within 3 business days, you should receive a reply.

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