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At this page recent publications of our faculty and students are presented.


In general, those publications are dedicated to anthropological issues or just to recent activities that Anthropology Department is undertaking. These includes Collected Articles from the Annual Conference (CAAC), the Report for an International Forum, Theses and other relevant publications.


A brief description of every publication is given in the box next to it. For a further contact about the presented books, articles, and reports please call Anthropology Department or send us an email.  




Collected Papers from CAASC II

“Socio Cultural Changes in Contemporary Eurasia”


This publication is a collection of the conference papers including sections on History, Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology 



Collected Papers from CAAC III

“Reconsidering Central Asian Societies”


Includes topics on Development: Theory and Practice; Archaeology and Physical Anthropology; Changing Role of Islam in post-Soviet Countries; Ethnicity and Culture; Teaching, Researching and Displaying the History in Central Asia and Beyond                                     



Collected Papers from CAAC IV

“Exploring Various Cultures in the Post-Soviet Space: Challenges, Methods and Perspectives”

Report from the International Forum

What Can We Do For Protection of Cultural Heritage Now?


Чолпон Чотаева

"Этничность и этносы в Кыргызстане"

Бишкек, 2011. - 139 с.

Учебное пособие для

преподователей вузов


Emil Nasritdinov, Kevin O'Konnor

"Reginal Change in Kyrgyzstan"

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ISBN 978-3-8383-0093-1, paperback, 176 p.    



 Чолпон Чотаева

"Этнокультурные факторы в истории государственного строительства Кыргызстана"

Бишкек, 2005. - 248 с.


 Чолпон Турдалиева

"Западные путещественники и исследователи о кыргызах и Кыргызстане (вторая половина XIX- начала XX вв.)"

Бишкек, 2008. - 271 с.


 Чолпон Чотаева

"Современная межэтническая ситуация в Кыргызстане: по результатам социологического исследования"

Бишкек, 2011. - 72 с.


 Чолпон Турдалиева

Тематика контрольных работ по истории Кыргызстана древнейший период - начало XX в.

Учебное пособие, Бишкек, 2011. - 30 с.

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