American University of Central Asia - AUCA - FAQ

Where's WARC located? Room 228. 

How do I sign up for a session ?  Click the link above to see our schedule  and book a session.

What are the WARC's hours?  10-4 Monday-Saturday for face-to-face sessions. Online writing sessions are available 7-9 Monday through Friday, and 12-2 on Saturdays. 

When does WARC open this fall?  Monday, September 16, but you can begin signing up using our online scheduling systme starting from Wednesday, September 11. 

What should I expect from my session?  Please read "What Tutors Do (And What They Don't Do)"

How often can I attend sessions?   Twice a week Monday-Friday, with  additional sessions available on Saturdays.

How long does a session last?  One academic hour, but please be prepared  to spend the last 5-10 minutes of it filling out the feedback form that will help us assist you better in the future.

What should I bring with me?  (1) The assignment - get the assignment sheet from your professor or print it off the e-course page, ( 2) the text (s) you are working with, and ( 3) any work you have done on the assignment so far.  And of course, a notebook and a pen.

How do I cancel my appointment?  You can cancel your appointment the same way you booked it:  using our scheduling application. Click on the "My schedule" button and choose the session you want to cancel. But remember: YOU HAVE TO CANCEL AT LEAST 12 HOURS BEFORE YOUR SESSION. 

What happens if I come late? After 15 minutes, the tutor has the right to give your session to another student if there is one, in which case you will be considered a "no-show". 

What happens if I do not come?  If you miss two sessions, you will  not be allowed to use the services of WARC until the end of the semester ("blacklisted").

What is an "ongoing session"?  It is a session that takes place at the same time and with the same tutor every week for the course of the whole semester. If you feel that you need consistent help  with a particular subject, you can book the same tutor at the same time every week.

What do I do if there's a problem (difficulty with the scheduling app, absent tutor, bad experience at the session, etc.)?  Come speak to WARC Director or Coordinator in Room 229 or e-mail us at

Any words of advice?  SIGN UP EARLY!

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