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Extracurricular Activities and Events

Students led research projects aim at developing research skills by students in designing and implementing projects which may also have potential for wider civic education. These projects are done under the guidance of faculty and produce data collection by students which can be beneficial for project participants as well as for other scholars. In the past students were collecting data on political elite and on elections in Kyrgyzstan. Some of these students later on defended successful theses based on these data. One of the recent projects is Central Asian Political History (click here) which started with the oral histories of Perestroika in Kyrgyzstan where students mostly were organizing and undertaking themselves their interviews and study of archives. 

The Department organizes various extracurricular activities aimed at further development of essential learning and civic skills of its students.

  • Annual International Crisis Games 
    • students have a possibility to play various actors in a 2-day game which models some ongoing crisis situation in the world
    • the following games were held in the recent past: Afghanistan (2012), SouthEast Asia (2013), Central Asia (2014). Ukraine (2015), Syria (2016), East Asia (2018), Middle East (2019).
  • ICPeers:
    • this is an informal forum where more mature ICP students advise their peers about academic (and not only) life at AUCA
    • it meets regularly as a group, have informal chats on social media and uses other channels to discuss issues faced by students
  • ICP students research forum:
    • it is held annually in early spring where students can present their research in progress and get peer feedback
    • it is aimed at ICP seniors primarily, but any political science student in Bishkek can take part in i
  • "Life After ICP" series of talks:
    • it aims at broadening understanding of students about their professional perspectives after graduation
    • invited ICP alumni give talks about their life paths and what has helped them at ICP/AUCA

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