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Where our students can do internship

Our students are working as interns mostly in local and foreign media outlets, companies, organizations and government agencies.

Types of internships

Students majoring in Psychology must fulfill the requirements of three types of internship:

  1. Introductory/ Observational  internship-completed after sophomore year
  2. Practical internship-completed after junior year


Who is responsible to find the places for internship?

Both the department and students are responsible to find places for our students. If students cannot find a place for their internships, the department suggests them the places to do their internships.


How, in general, is the internship organized

After choosing the place of internship the students are given internship file to be filled out by their supervisors in the places they are doing an internship. These supervisors fill it out describing each task the student and work performance, stamps and sign it.

Students doing their internships after second year of study are not required to defense their internships in front of commission. Internship defenses are required only for students doing their internships after their third year of study. These students defense their internships in front of the committee and get Pass or Fail grades. The criteria for evaluating the internships are the internship files of students and evidences from their practical work in the internship place. These evidences could be published articles, press releases, TV and radio programs and other audio-visual projects and multimedia projects. Students are required to bring the copies of their works to their defense.


What are the learning outcomes of the internships, and in particular to what extent are the internships generally connected to the overall academic learning outcomes of our students

The learning outcomes of the internships are that the students learn in practice what they have learned in theoretical courses at the department. They get introduced to the sector and learn how their knowledge and fundamental skills could be used in practice.

Internships are filling the practical knowledge part of the overall academic learning outcomes of our students.


  1. Materials which should be gathered as the evidence of internship 


The following materials could be gathered as the evidence of internship:


  1. Presentations
  2. Research proposals
  3. Audio-visual projects
  4. Public Relations campaigns
  5. Blogs
  6. Articles published in print and online media
  7. TV programs and video materials broadcast on AUCA TV
  8. Multimedia projects broadcast on YouTube channel of the visual courses
  9. Sound and audio programs and projects broadcast as online podcasts
  10. Articles and feature stories published in print and online media
  11. Photo exhibitions
  12. Portfolios of students
  13. Internship files





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